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As part of the summer cycle Femmes femmes, a dedicated special program to the outstanding contribution of director Joyce Wieland to development of Canadian experimental cinema.

- 1933 (Joyce Wieland, 1968, 4 min, 16 mm, SD)
«1933. The year? the number? the title? Was it (the film) made then? It's a memory! (i.e. a Film.) No, it's many memories. It's so sad and funny: the departed, departing people, cars, streets! It hurries, it's gone, it's back! the film (of 1933?) was made in 1967. You find out, if you don't already know, how naming tints pure vision. » - Michael Snow

- Rat Life And Diet In North America (Joyce Wieland, 1969, 15 min, 16 mm)
“This film tells a story of rebels (played by real rats) and cops (played by real cats). After a long domination by cats, the rats escape from prison (this is their rebellion) and find refuge in Canada. There, they feed on organic produce from a garden where the grass hasn’t been sprayed with DDT.” (Jonas Mekas, traduction du TIFF)

- Pierre Vallières (Joyce Wieland, 1972, 32 min, 16 mm, Eng.Sub.)
«Pierre Vallières» deals with the protagonist of the same name of the Front de Libération de Québec (FLQ), who became notorious mostly through his book on the French speaking Canadians «White Niggers of America.»
Wieland focuses on the lips of the eloquent separatist, echoing and expanding her paintings on lips and circles. The film is an essay in three parts—Mont Laurier, Québec history and race, and women's liberation—and it marks the maturation and radicalization of Wieland's politics.

- A and B in Ontario (Joyce Wieland & Hollis Frampton, 1967, 16 min, 16 mm, SD)
"The film is a send-up of the gangster flick. Joyce and Hollis aim hand-held cameras at each other, shooting themselves and the surrounding scenery. The playful diversity of crowded, noisy, dirty New York street scenes is interposed with lyrical sequences of footprints on the Ward's Island beach, waves, birds, trees, and the sound of crickets." -- Iris Nowel

- Bill's Hat: Opening sequence (Joyce Wieland, 8 min, 16 mm, silent)
Unfinished work, silent, but intended to be presented as a performance, with live sound.


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