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Tuesday 30.11.21 (19:00)
BLITZ # 38 RROSE PRESENT monographic session at Zumzeig Cinema in Barcelona
Screening + Q&A with the author and the programmers Antoni Pinent and Oriol Sànchez.

The body as a tripod of emotions, combining the experimental video and theoretical reflections on the image. A critical "poetic" look with a double sense of reality.

Rrose Present is an experimental artist from Barcelona, ​​trained in Philosophy of Art, audiovisuals, and others. She writes with light his "notes of visual thought" in which she investigates different areas of the image in their formal and dialogic relationship. Just as the brain processes memory with images, Rrose processes his most personal world with them, digests (with images) the images she receives from the neural network of the global brain and dialogues with light with other authors.

In this session, "The light of dialogue", we present these main lines of his work: personal works, dialogues with the inner light where she shows his most intimate and personal world; dialogues with the lights of the world (Social / political) with the series “video 'without a camera' interprets 'camera world'”; and dialogues with other authors such as Samuel Beckett.


  • Tempesta a les Fonts d'una memòria (2015, 5’)
  • TEXTures d'un camí- Autorretrato (2016, 7’) 
  • Blood Roots (2019, 16’)
  • Trazos de Tiempo (2021, 5’24”)
  • Buscando la Luz / caminos de luz (2018, 4’)
  • Open Eyes in Shadow (2021, 5’)
  • ILLEGAL Contemplation (2017, 3’18”)
  • Additive Emotions (2017, 2’25”)
  • ODE Europe (2014, 3’12”)
  • Soot-film "ventana abierta al mundo" or re-interpretation Beckett's Film (2016, 3’29”)

"The films of Rrose Present are like haiku :precise, ambiguous, and deeply resonant." Daniel Barnett

Rrose Present was born in Barcelona. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, ​​a Seneca Audiovisual Grant from the UPV and a Master's in Philosophy in Contemporary Art from the UAB.

In her work she combines experimental video and a theoretical reflection on the image, written in images from a critical "poetic" gaze with a double sense of reality. The PRESENTIAL, (camera in hand) with the body as a tripod of her emotions. And the RE-PRESENTATION with the series "" video "without camera", re-interprets "world camera" where it digests the images it receives from the world.

From very conceptual beginnings, she abandons the literality of the images to penetrate her medial and formal experimentation, with the conscious and unconscious paths that these open for us. Approaching the language of Experimental Cinema but from a more emotional link made with the democratic communicational language of the image.

Distribuitor “The filmmakers Cooperative, NYC”
Her works have been seen at festivals around the world such as: 2021 ENGAUGE Experimental Film Festival in Seattle. 2021 DOBRA, International Experimental Film Festival, of Rio de Janeiro. 2021 EXPERIMENTS IN CINEMA Albuquerque from New Mexico. 2020 INTERMEDIACIONES, IV Sample video art and experimental video Medillín, Colombía. 2018 LES INATTENDUS 11 Festival of films (très) Indépendedants de Lió, France. 2018 AXW, ANOTHER EXPERIMENT BY WOMEN FILM FESTIVAL, New Filmmakers NY Anthology Film Archives NYC. 2016 MIDEN FESTIVAL 2016, Program BECKETT ME, Grècia. 2016 CINEAUTOPSIA Bogotá Experimental Film Festival Bogotá, Colombia. ARKIPEL International Documentary & Experimental FILM Festival Jakarta, Indonesia ...


Image Gallery: 

TEXTures d'un camí - Rrose Present
TEXTures d'un camí - Rrose Present


Zumzeig Cinema - Barcelona, Spain


Tuesday, November 30, 2021 - 19:00



Tuesday, November 30, 2021 - 19:00


  • Carrer de Béjar, 53 baixos
    08014   Barcelona, Barcelona
    41° 22' 30.4608" N, 2° 8' 19.9896" E