Austrian Film Museum: Claudio Caldini & Pablo Marín

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With the films of Claudio Caldini (* 1952) and Pablo Marín (* 1982), both from Buenos Aires, the Filmmuseum presents two generations of Argentine avant-garde filmmaking, which began in the 1960s and has barely been noticed in this country. This cinema has strong references to the avant-garde traditions of the 1920s and the New American Cinema, but shows a great independence between the poles of the lyrical and the structural film.

This is very clear in the works of Caldini and Marín themselves, who together cover the entire time span of this filmmaking to the present and are also in a mentor-student relationship. What they all have in common is the concentrated work with the 8mm format, the mastery of which they have perfected in different styles. Their films are characterized by a radical reduction of means and formal rigor, but without becoming formulaic. On the contrary: Caldinis and Marín's films produce something free, incidental and at the same time hypnotic that, although originating from the material, does not always refer to it.

The two artists play a dual role in this show: Caldini is present as a filmmaker and live performer, Marín through his works and curatorial work. The latter has contributed to Argentina's independent filmmaking being better worked up and made more visible internationally. The program curated by Marín for the Film Museum also places his and Caldini's films in a wider national context. Caldini's performance in turn broadens the film to include the live element - something that is characteristic of many of the works of the Argentine avant-garde, historically projected mostly in the presence of the filmmakers themselves.

The three events take place as part of the Vienna Art Week in cooperation with sixpackfilm and the Friedl Kubelka School for Independent Film and with the kind support of the Embassy of the Argentine Republic. With a special thanks to Michaela Grill.

November 15th, 20:30h
Claudio Caldini & Pablo Marín

  • Ofrenda (Extended Video Version) (1978/90) by Claudio Caldini. Video, colour, 4 min
  • Heliografía (Extended Video Version) (1993) by Claudio Caldini. Video, colour, 5 min
  • Vadi-Samvadi (1981) by Claudio Caldini. Super 8, colour, 7 min
  • Gamelan (1981) by Claudio Caldini. Music: Steve Reich. Super 8, b&w, 12 min
  • S/T 2007 (2007) by Claudio Caldini. Super 8, b&w, 3 min
  • Lux Taal (2006–09) by Claudio Caldini. Single 8, colour, 8 min
  • Denkbilder (2013) by Pablo Marín. 16mm, colour, 5 min
  • 4x4 (2012) by Pablo Marín. Super 8, b&w, 4 min
  • S/T (Focus) (2008) by Pablo Marín. Super 8, b&w, 4 min
  • Resistfilm (2014) by Pablo Marín. Super 8, b&w, 13 min

November 16th, 18:30h
Landmarks, Influences, Correspondences. Argentine Experimental Cinema 1965–2016

  • Intemperie en Chapicuy (2013) by Andrés Levinson. 8mm, colour, 7 min
  • Y ésta loca quién es? (1970) by Horacio Vallereggio. 8mm, colour and b&w, 5 min
  • El inmortal (1968) by Jorge Honik & Laura Abel. Super 8, colour, 7 min
  • Espectro (2010) by Sergio Subero. Super 8, colour, 9 min
  • s/t (2015) by Benjamin Ellenberger. Super 8, b&w, 5 min
  • Toc toc ... toc (1965) by Luis Bras. Super 8, b&w, 3 min
  • TRiplete PLástico (2015) by Ignacio Tamarit. 16mm, colour and b&w, 2 min
  • Locomoción (2016) by Ernesto Baca. 35mm, colour, 4 min
  • Come Out (1970) by Narcisa Hirsch. 35mm, colour, 10 min
  • Fotooxidación (2013) by Pablo Mazzolo. 16mm, colour, 13 min

November 16th, 20:30h
Performance Claudio Caldini: Fantasmas Cromáticos
Consisting of three Super 8 projectors, black-and-white films, color filters, an analog synthesizer and sound archive, the system deconstructs principles of color photography of the late 19th century and creates a ghostly illusion. Fantasmas Cromáticos is a requiem for the "Civilization of Petroleum", an impossible escape into the natural world. (Claudio Caldini)

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Resistfilm (Pablo Marín, 2014)
Resistfilm (Pablo Marín, 2014)


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