attaque(e)r le visible:Corporal Interventions: Aus heiterem Himmel

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attaque(e)r le visible: Corporal Interventions – Experimental Films from the 80s
Monthly from May to July 2021
Raum für drastische Maßnahmen / Oderstr. 34, 10247 Berlin
curated by Lawinia Rate

27 July, 7:30 p.m.
Aus heiterem Himmel (Out of the Blue)

Aus heiterem Himmel (OUT OF THE BLUE) • 1982 • 110 min • 16mm

Directed by Marie-Susanne Ebert, Claudia Schilinski, Ingrid Oppermann, Renate Sami, Anke Oehme, Ebba Jahn, Monika Funke-Stern, Barbara Kasper, and Angi Welz-Rommel

Production: Literarisches Colloquium Berlin

Guests: Anke Oehme, Angi Welz-Rommel, Renate Sami, Monika Funke-Stern

PROJECTION in 16 mm !!!!

About 40 years ago, 9 female artists collaborated in an episodic film called Aus heiterem Himmel (OUT OF THE BLUE). With this collective activity they wanted to express their common will to make a statement against the nuclear threat during the Cold War. Aus heiterem Himmel (OUT OF THE BLUE) is an experimental episodic film that consisted of nine parts, with each participant producing one episode. Although each episode had a single author, the films were made collectively, with the joint effort of all the members. Thematically, the films revolve around the threat of new war from very different, and sometimes very personal perspectives.

About attaque(e)r le visible
attaque(e)r le visible is an experimental film platform for projections, meetings, talks, book presentations and lectures. Older experimental films as well as the most recent developments of the genre find a place here. attaque(e)r le visible is dedicated to films which perturb the consistency and illusionism of the classical film by consciously referring to the technical embeddedness of the film, its incoherence and materiality. The works on display are marked by refusing stereotypical images and linear narration, their critical position towards the co-world, normative visibilities, forms and bodies. In short, it is about films which do not trust the self-evident, and for which the word ’normally‘ does not exist.

After stops in Paris, Kassel and Cologne, Attaque(e)r le visible now continues in Berlin in collaboration with the Raum für drastische Maßnahmen. The series consists of two parts, Corporal Interventions and a Videofest. The main theme of the monthly film programme Corporal Interventions is the body, which is understood here in a broader sense. It is not only about the human body, but also about the body of film, its materiality, its photochemical envelope, and the working on films in collectives. In this connection Attaque(e)r le visible looks back at the experimental film history of the 60s, 70s and 80s in Germany. The Videofest, which takes place on two weekends, focuses current tendencies in experimental film and video.



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