Atelier Impopulaire: Sandra Gibson + Luis Recoder with Claudio Rocchetti

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Entanglements is a multiple projection performance by Luís Recoder and Sandra Gibson that invites sound artists to process the optical film tracks from up to four 16mm projectors. The scratched opaque footage is not what interests us per se but the effect it has in dispersing or scattering the projected audio-visual event itself.

- Entanglements for (up to) Four Projectors (2009 – 2014)
Multiple 16mm projectors, black & white film loops, mixed media, live optical sound processed by Claudio Rocchetti, 60 minutes

The following day, Saturday May 10, Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder will install a special version of Threadbare.

- Threadbare (16mm projector, film, reels)
“Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder look back at the history of film technology. Their richly imaginative installations and sculptures treat celluloid and the projector in ways that are surprising and evocative. Their artworks are poetic and beautiful, offering profound insights into the nature of the medium. Threadbare (2013) is a film projector wrapped in 16mm film footage whose silhouette calls to mind Mickey Mouse.” - John G. Hanhardt, Senior Curator, Smithsonian American Art Museum

Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder stage the scene of film as orphaned object through the temporal labor of moving image installation. Collaborators since 2000, Gibson and Recoder unite the rich traditions of the experimental film, particularly its structuralist and materialist strands, and the multi-modal sensibility of expanded cinema that emerged in the 1960s, in which the moving image was woven into the labile space of performance, sound and audience interaction. Their larger body of work explores this interstice between avant-garde film practice and the incorporation of moving images and timebased media into the museum and art gallery. Gibson and Recoder have exhibited internationally at numerous museums, galleries, and film festivals such as the Whitney Museum of American Art (NY, NY); Madison Square Park Conservancy (NY, NY), Performa (NY, NY); Redcat (Los Angeles, CA); Ballroom Marfa (Marfa, TX); SundanceFilm Festival (Park City, UT); Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (St. Louis, MO); Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto, Canada); Tate Modern (London, UK); Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, UK); Viennale (Vienna, Austria), Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (Oberhausen, Germany), HMKV (Dortmund, Germany); MuHKA (Antwerp, Belgium); International Film Festival Rotterdam (Rotterdam, The Netherlands); Serralves Foundation (Porto, Portugal); and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (Kanazawa, Japan). Gibson and Recoder live and work in New York.

Claudio Rocchetti is one of the most active european noise musicians of the last half decade. Apart from his main solo project he is also part of 3/4 Had Been Eliminated, half the duo Olyvetty with visual artist Riccardo Benassi an he melts togheter with noise-funk duo G.I.Joe into In Zaire power trio. He also played in projects with Nico Vascellari and Jooklo Duo (as Hypnoflash).
His job is mainly focused around noise pastiches as the result of hardware live manipulation, turnable feedbacks and various recorded sources and objects.



Friday, May 9, 2014 - 20:30
  • via Procaccini 4
    Milan, Milano
    45° 29' 2.6844" N, 9° 10' 33.2328" E