• Cinema Abattoir presente JX Williams

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    CINEMA ABATTOIR presents

    JX Williams
    The cinema of J.X. WILLIAMS

    Thursday, October 2 2008
    at L'ENVERS (185 VAN HORNE)
    Door opens: 20H / Screening: 21H / 10$

    Presentation by Noel Lawrence (Other Cinema) of the recently discovered films by legendary underground filmmaker JX Williams.
    Screening in 16mm of Peep Show (1965), Psych-Burn (1968), Virgin Sacrifice (1970) and Satan Claus (1975).

     Plus a programme of subversive shorts:
    - Gash (Usama Alshaibi, US, 2008, 2 min)
    - Runaway (Usama Alshaibi, US, 2008, 2 min)
    - Patient (Usama Alshaibi, US, 2008, 2 min)
    - Man spricht Deutsh revisited (Filmgruppe Chaos, Allemagne, 2001, 2 min)
    - Antékid (Serge de Cotret, Québec, 2008, 6 min)
    - Satan Bouche un Coin (Jean-Pierre Buoyxou, France, 1968, 10 min)
    - Antychryst (Adam Guzinski, Pologne, 2002, 27 min)


  • Women's Experimental Cinema Series: Programme

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    Women's Experimental Cinema
    Screening Series Oct. 1-3, 2008 at ISSUE Project Room
    Organized by Meredith Drum and Suzanne Fiol

    Three evenings of experimental films and videos made by women artists in the U.S. over the last six decades, subjectively culled by three guest curators.

    Oct. 1 - A tribute to Women Artists Filmmakers, including films by Sara-Kathryn Arledge, Doris Chase, Silvianna Goldsmith, Storm De Hirsch, Marie Menken, Carolee Schneemann and Rosalind Schneider, programmed by MM Serra, Director of the Film-Makers Cooperative

    Oct. 2 - Videos by Lynda Benglis, Dara Birnbaum, Pat Hearn, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Cynthia Maughan, Howardena Pindell and Martha Wilson as Nancy
    Reagan, programmed by Rebecca Cleman, Director of Distribution of Electronic Arts Intermix

    Oct. 3 - Films and Videos by Peggy Ahwesh, Martha Colburn, Michelle Handelman, Kerry Laitala, Xander Marro, Shana Moulton, Cecile Paris, Shannon
    Plumb, Ava Warbrick and Virginie Yassef and Aurelie Godard, programmed by Marie Losier, filmmaker and programmer for FIAF, Ocularis and Roberta Beck.

    All screenings are $10 and begin at 8 p.m.
    ISSUE Project Room, 3rd floor of the (OA) Can Factory, 232 3rd Street,
    Gowanus Neighborhood, Brooklyn
    For more information please visit:
    Co-sponsored by A.I.R. Gallery and the Scope Foundation


  • The WNDX Artists' Essentials Series

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    The WNDX Artists' Essentials Series

    Friday, October 10 | 1 PM to 3 PM – Cinematheque

    with programmers / curators Alex Rogalski (Toronto) and Pim Zweir
    (Amsterdam), facilitated by Monica Lowe, Distribution Coordinator with
    the Winnipeg Film Group

    * Admission is by donation *


    Saturday, October 11 | 1 PM to 3 PM - Cinematheque

    filmmakers Alex MacKenzie (Vancouver) and Heidi Phillips (Winnipeg),
    facilitated by Mike Maryniuk, Production Coordinator with the Winnipeg
    Film Group

    * Admission is by donation *


    Sunday, October 12 | 11 AM to 3 PM – Winnipeg Film Group


    * Registration is through the Winnipeg Film Group at 925-3456 ($35 fee) *



    ALEX ROGALSKI: Rogalski is an internationally respected curator and
    programmer. He is founder and director of the One Take Super 8 Event,
    which has had editions on Regina, Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto and the
    USA. His curated programs have screened at festivals and other
    presentation organizations across Canada, including the Images
    Festival. He is also a programmer with the Toronto International Film

    PIM ZWEIR: Zwier obtained his MFA at the Piet Zwart Institute in
    Rotterdam in 2003. He makes projects in the public domain,
    installations and films. He has curated and worked for Filmbank,
    International Film Festival Rotterdam and Starting from Scratch.

    ALEX MACKENZIE: MacKenzie is a media artist working in film, video,
    light projection and performance. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree
    with Honours from Carleton University, and has worked with a variety of
    independent film organizations over the past 15 years including
    Mainfilm, Pacific Cinematheque, Cineworks, and Doxa. He was the founder
    and director of The Edison Electric Gallery of Moving Images, The
    Blinding Light!! Cinema and the Vancouver Underground Film Festival,
    and currently works as an independent curator, graphic designer and

    HEIDI PHILLIPS: Phillips is an experimental filmmaker based in
    Winnipeg. Phillips constantly sifts and searches through old films,
    lifting imagery and sound to recycle into her own layered and loosely
    structured narrative works. She completed her MFA from Transart
    Institute Austria in August of 2008. Her next exhibition, Revival is
    both a dream and a nightmare, will show at Ace Art Winnipeg in 2009.

    SOLOMON NAGLER: Nagler's films, installations and curated shows have
    played across Canada, in the U.S., Europe and Asia. His work was
    featured in a Retrospective at the Winnipeg Cinematheque in August of
    2004, and a collection of his short films were featured at the Festival
    des Cinémas Différents in Paris, France in December 2005. Nagler is
    currently a full-time professor of Film Production at NSCAD University
    in Halifax, Canada.


  • Correspondence, Auguste Orts

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    Auguste Orts

    Correspondence, Auguste Orts
    Exhibition: 2 October - 1 November 2008, Private view: Thursday 2nd October 7-9pm
    Open: 12 - 6, Wednesday - Saturday
    LUX 28, 28 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, London E8 2EZ
    Auguste Orts is a Brussels-based collective of four artists – Herman Asselberghs, Sven Augustijnen, Manon de Boer and Anouk De Clercq
    – who all work predominately with the moving image. They describe their
    practice as ‘…at the crossroads of cinema, video, visual arts,
    documentaries, experimental films… where media and disciplines
    cross-fertilize each other.’
    Orts is interesting as a working model for addressing the particular
    issues associated with artists’ working with the moving image. As well
    as facilitating their own projects the organisation attempts to address
    a wider discourse through supporting other artists by organising an
    inclusive talks and screening programme. This desire to generate a
    critical discourse around their own work, and in doing so embrace the
    work of others, relates very closely to LUX’s origins in the London
    Filmmakers’ Coop, which was an inclusive forum for dialogue and
    exhibition as much as hub for production.
    LUX 28 August Orts will install a video library and reading area for
    the public to explore the group’s work, influences and interests. To
    further elucidate their ideas the group will enter a correspondance
    during the summer and these letters will be available in the reading
    area. Films, books and other sources mentioned in the letters, will be
    on display and will complete the dialogue.
    the video library and reading room, the artists have asked Scanner to
    re-mix the soundtracks of their video work into a new composition. The
    resulting will be presented as a sound work in the exhibition space at
    LUX 28 and broadcast on Resonance FM and to open the exhibition there
    will be an accompanying screening at Tate Modern.
    1 October 6.30pm: Screening of selected Auguste Orts films followed by artists in discussion. Tate Modern, London
    20 October 8pm: Auguste Orts/Scanner broadcast on Resonance FM
    Exhibition supported by The Elephant Trust and Vlaams Ministerie van Cultuur, Jeugd, Sport en Media.


  • 'The Walking Picture Palace' at Anthology and Light Industry

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    The Walking Picture Palace
    Curated by Mark McElhatten.
    October 2, 6, 8 & 9 at ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES  - 2nd Avenue and Second Street
    October 7 at Light Industry
    Sunset Park Brooklyn at 55 33rd Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenue), 3rd Floor

    Consummate filmmaker and author of DEVOTIONAL CINEMA, Dorsky returns to the New York Film Festival this year on Saturday October 4th at Views from the Avant – Garde with the premieres of two new films, WINTER (2007) and SARABANDE (2008). On the occasion of his return and his visiting semester at Princeton, we present this selection from his oeuvre.
    Dorsky will be here in person to present all three programs on October 2, 6 and 9

    - INGREEN (1964, 12 minutes, 16mm, colour, sound)
    - PNEUMA (1977-1983, 28 minutes, 16mm, colour, silent)
    - TRISTE (1974-1996, 18.5 minutes, 16mm, colour, silent)

    Thursday, October 2 at 8:00.

    - A FALL TRIP HOME (1964, 11 minutes, 16mm, colour, sound)
    - ALAYA (1976-1987, 28 minutes, 16mm, colour, silent)
    - SONG AND SOLITUDE (2005/2006, 21 minutes, 16mm, colour, silent)

    Monday, October 6 at 7:00.


    - Summerwind (1965, 14 minutes, 16mm, colour, sound)
    - Arbor Vitae (1999/2000, 28 minutes, 16mm, colour, silent)
    - The Visitation (2002, 18 minutes, 16mm, colour, silent)

    Thursday, October 9 at 7:00.

    All the artists are expected to be present.
    - Binghamton, My India by Ken Jacobs (ca. 1971-72, 25 minutes, 16mm, silent)
    - Death Of P’Town by Ken Jacobs (1961, 7 minutes, 16mm, colour, sound. Starring Jack Smith.)
    - Hotel Cartograph by Scott Stark (1983, 11 minutes, 16mm, colour, sound)
    - Today! by Jessie Stead & David Gatten (2007/2008, ca. 35-40 minutes, digital video, colour

    Monday, October 6 at 9:00.

    A Tenderfoot Walking Picture Palace at Light Industry
    55 33rd Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenue), 3rd Floor Brooklyn    
    Films by Stom Sogo, Luther Price, Miranda Raimondi, Julie Murray, Scott Stark, Phil Solomon with several World Premieres and surprises.
    Including a new 3D Chromavision piece by a surprise artist. Glasses will be available at cost for the first fifty people.

    Tuesday October 7 at 8:00.  Light Industry


    - Children  (2008, 7’, 16 mm B&W silent)
    - Interlinea  (2008, 5’, 16mm colour, silent  24fps)
    - Volto Sorpresso Al Buio (1965, 16mm, Silent, 18 Fps)
    - Tracce Di Tracce
    - Communzione Con Mutazonie (1969, 16mm , B&W, 18 FPS, 7')
    - Farfalio (1993, 16 mm, B&W/Colour, silent, 18 FPS, 10')
    - Secomdo Il Mio Occhio Di Vetro  (1972, 35mm, B&W, sound, 10')
    - Del Tuffarsi E Dell’ Annegarsii (1972, 35mm B&W, sound, 11')
    - "Anonimatografo" (dedicato ad Alberto Farassino) (1972, 16 mm, B&W, sound, 30')
    - Cineforon (1972, 16mm, B&W, sound, 10')

    Wednesday, October 8 at 7:00.


    - Suspension (2008, 16mm Double Projection, B&W/Colour, silent, 10'
    - Pharmacy by Bruce Checefsky (2001. 35 mm B&W, 4' 38'')
    - Greenwood Cemetery by Daniel Riccuito (video 3D with Pulfrich filter, 10')
    - Taureg by Bruce Checefsky (2008, silent version, 16mm, B&W, 7' 30'')
    - Alone At Last by Ken Jacobs (2008, digital, 2')
    – Phosphene Dreams by Kerry Laitala (2008, digital)
    - Refraction Series by Chris Gehman (2008, 35mm, silent, colour, 5' 30'')

    Group show – Other artists and works to be announced.
    Wednesday, October 8 at 9:00.


  • tank tv : Ken Jacobs (1/10-30/11)

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    Little Stabs at HappinessKen Jacobs Online Exhibition
    Curated by Mark Webber
    1st October - 30th November 2008

    Ken Jacobs (b.1933) has been active as a filmmaker, performer and teacher for the past five decades. Rigorous and dedicated, his work is characterised by a keen eye for formal composition and a fierce political consciousness.

    As a central figure of the generation that defined independent filmmaking during the post-War era, Jacobs contributed to the liberation of cinema from technical and ideological conventions. Beginning in the 1950s, he developed an 'urban guerrilla cinema' out of poverty and desperation, shooting improvised routines on city streets. The early works Star Spangled to Death, Little Stabs at Happiness and Blonde Cobra feature a nascent Jack Smith, years before the renegade artist produced his own films.


  • Kill your timid notion 2008

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    Kill Your Timid Notion
    A step across the border between sound and image
    A festival of experiment sound-film/ music-image
    Dundee Contemporary Arts
    10-12 Oct 08

    Your eyes see what, like 10 or 15 images a second; that¹s 10Hz.  Your ears can hear 15,000 Hz. Surely there must be something interesting in this incongruity.

    Now in it¹s 6th edition, KYTN is one of Europe¹s leading festivals of sound and image.  It¹s all about exploring the many different ways we navigate the borders, disparities and similarities between what we hear and what we see. It involves some of the great experimental artists, musicians and filmmakers of our time, and some of the not too distant future also.  It features some hard as nails experimental work, but it¹s an experience any right minded person should enjoy, be confounded by, have an opinion about at least. features: sine wave charcoal drawing, blindfolded listening, visual harmonics, optical sound, video-radio-guitar feedback, the Tay bridge, a sonic photograph of a Dalmatian fishing village, tiny rice paper flags, set theory...

    What¹s not to love?

    Experimental film/ sound performances:

    Francisco Lopez
    Keith Rowe, Kjell Bjorgeengen & Philipp Wachsmann
    Benedict Drew & Sachiko M
    Malcolm Le Grice & Keith Rowe
    Luke Fowler & Lee Patterson
    Guy Sherwin
    L¹Anticoncept (Gil Wolman)
    Raha Raissnia & Charles Curtis
    Declarative Mode (Paul Sharits)
    Aileen Campbell
    Seth Cluett


    Felix Hess: it¹s in the air
    Paul Sharits: Epileptic Seizure Comparison

    Film Programmes:

    7 programmes exploring how sound and image interact, inc:  Walter Ruttman, Luc Ferrari, Hollis Frampton, Luis Recoder, Robert Nelson, Toshiya Tsunoda, Christoph Migone, David Askevold and loads more.

    Talks, workshops, etc and so on...

    tickets: £10/ day, £25 for everything
    Buy them at:  // +44 (0) 1382 909 900


  • Experimental Film Club: TV & Bodies

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    EFC TV & BodiesTV & BODIES
    ///a selection of work by experimental video artists///

    /// Sunday 28th September / Ha'penny Bridge Inn (upstairs), Dublin / 4pm / Doors: 5 Euro

    When Nam June Paik and Aldo Tambellini began working with electronic media in the 1960s, video meant one thing: TV. Both artists came to video by way of sculptural and environment-based art, and it was the physical TV set which was their port of entry. Although Paik is the more widely recognised of the two, both featured in the seminal 1969 video installation exhibition, “TV as
    a Creative Medium” at the Howard Wise Gallery in New York, in which TVs were put into all sorts of unlikely sculptural and environmental contexts. The impetus for environment-based art was generally a desire to break down the traditionally passive and disengaged structures of art exhibition. The introduction into this context of that most passive and 2D of forms was seen by artists as a way of reclaiming and (sometimes literally) redesigning an incredibly powerful and dominant form of communication. As Paik put it, "Television has been attacking us all our lives – now we can attack it back."

    See full programme at the Experimental Film Club's homepage .


  • Exp 24 launch party

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    Exp24EXP24 Launch Party: Saturday 27th September 2008: 6-9pm

    @the East Street Arts Patrick Studios, St Marys Street, Leeds. UK. LS9 7EN

    Come and celebrate the launch of EXP24’s new proto film lab, at ESA Patrick
    Studios, Leeds! This is their first proper base, and we want it to
    become a space where artists, filmmakers and newbies alike can come to
    talk, learn and create together.


    • The ‘Cinema of Mirrors’, the Project Space will be transformed into a constantly changing multi-projection environment – wow!
    • Sculptural film and video installations by EXP24 filmmakers & friends
    • Archaic film museum – with interactive exhibits!
    • Collective
      film – get involved in making a 16mm experimental film in the space.
      Results will be screened at 8.30pm to bring the night to a close.
    • Film
      raffle! Top prize is a pair of tickets for the Leeds International Film
      Festival Opening Gala. Buy tickets to be in with a chance of winning a
      free EXP24 Super 8 workshop place (worth £50!), plus many more
      film-related treats.
    • La Musique! Provided by FakeHipsDisco DJs plus Violaine & friends
    • Badges! Don’t forget to pick up your first ever (and hot off the press) EXP24 limited edition badge...

    6pm - Welcome! (Collect your free drink token at the door)
    7pm to 7.30pm - Mystery films and one-off performances from the EXP24 collective
    8pm - Raffle results!
    8.30pm - World Premiere of Launch Party collaborative film

    There will also be a chance to sign up for future workshops and for ESA membership.

    After party location TBC – ask on the night!

    For more see or join them on Facebook and Myspace.