• OVNI 2008 - Exodus - The margins of the Empire

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    Ovni 2008From the press release:

    OVNI 2008 Exodus.

    The Margins of the Empire.

    Centre de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona – CCCB.
    29th January to 3rd  February 2008.

    OVNI – Observatory Archives organized by Observatorio de Video No Identificado, is a thematic project with a clear purpose: to encourage a critique of contemporary culture using different strategies such as video art, independent documentary and mass media archaeology. During the screenings, 20 individual viewing units will allow visitors to consult the entire archives collection: over 2,000 audiovisual documents.

    "Open your eyes and look within:
    Are you satisfied (with the life youre living)? (...)
    So we gonna walk - all right! - through de roads of creation:
    We the generation (tell me why!) trod through great tribulation."
    Exodus – Bob Marley.

    The videos screened at OVNI 2008 will offer an initial reflection on the “marginal” and on the desire to cross margins, on forms of personal or collective exodus – whether physical or as a state of mind. These are perspectives on different forms of marginalisation and exploitation which lie directly under the oppressive vertical force of power: workers in Chinese export factories, clandestine Palestinian day workers in Israel. Perspectives on armed conflict zones that go beyond the “propaganda-counter propaganda” dialectic: in South America, Chechnya, Lebanon, Iraq, Darfur, Afghanistan...

    But also reflections and perspectives on other realities and forms of organisation that grow on the margins: self-organisation of the homeless, indigenous communities in Ecuador and Columbia, brotherhoods of transvestites in India, ancient heterodox traditions and their rituals, self-managed collectives in Barcelona, groups of deserts in the US... Together with accounts of dreams and the inner revolution, of seeking and exodus...


    Opening :  29th January 20,30pm.
    Timetable: From 17pm to 24pm, 30th January to 3rd February.
    Parallel Screenings in the Auditorium and the Hall. DVD, Spanish Subtitles.
    Presentations: 22pm Hall.
    Consultation of the Archives: from 12pm to 23pm in the Hall.

    Free  Access


  • Tank TV: The whole world

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    The Whole World

    Curated by Ian White

    1st January 2008 – 1st March 2008


    is a list of lists: a programme of artists' film and video and an interactive online exhibition.

    Both a formal device and a political strategy,
    film and video that deploys a list as part of its structure often does
    so with political intent: to subvert hierarchies, to undermine
    rationalism or to reveal contradiction. In contemporary culture the
    pop chart's Top 10 has been replaced by an ever-expanding craze for
    "Top 100s" of everything from Hollywood genres to celebrity gaffes. The Whole World attempts to wrestle back

    the initiative…

    A selection of artists' film and video that
    feature lists or different kinds of taxonomies - visual, audio or
    textual – are presented as an online exhibition of extracts. Works by
    Dalia Neis, Uriel Orlow, Jean-Gabirel Périot, Michael Robinson and
    Valerie Tevere take as their subject such wildly diverse lists as
    depictions of saints, everything on Ebay, magazine advertising, our
    mediated world, protest, violence and war, the pages of National Geographic magazine and the words spoken by people on
    the streets of New York. Text scrolls across the
    screen, images flash past, immersive landscapes ultimately
    disintegrate. Many things are logged and something is undone.

    At the same time, viewers are invited to contribute to
    programme by uploading their own video list, be that an extract from an existing work or something made specially for the purpose, to compile a unique, exponential collection: an extraordinary list of lists, of
    the world as we know it – the whole

    The Whole World is situated somewhere between

    absurd and obsessive enterprises of Flaubert's eponymous characters
    Bouvard and Pecuchet (they hopelessly collect and explore until,
    exhausted, they revert to their original jobs as copy clerks) and the Japanese animated game Katamari in which players roll all matter – objects, buildings, landscapes,
    world itself - into snowballing globes of stuff. The Whole

    is ridiculous and irreverent, ambitious and viral.

    Dalia Neis, Saints, 2005 / Jean Gabriel Periot, 21.04.02, 2002 / Uriel Orlow, Everything in Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, 2006 /
    Michael Robinson, You Don't Bring Me Flowers, 2005 / Valerie Tevere, When I Say / Valerie Tevere & Angel Navarez, Freque
    ncy Allocations / Martha Rosler, Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975

    Submitted work will be selected to join
    The Whole World as well as's programme on the CASZartscreen in Amsterdam.


  • 1,2,3… Avant-Gardes - Art as Contextual Art

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    Swidzinski1,2,3… Avant-Gardes - Art as Contextual Art is the next stage of an exhibition and research project that explores the “continuous” history of experimentation in film and art and the interaction of both fields. Grounded in the extensive Polish experimental film output of the 1970s, 1,2,3… Avant-Gardes will offer a selection of films mostly produced by Polish artists from that period, whilst including contemporary international artistic proposals that constitute a challenge for the interpretation of the history of experimental cinema. The exhibition follows a schema structured under the following headings: Analytical Strategies. Games and Participation. Political Film and Soc Art (Socialist Art). Image and Sound. Imagination. Consumption. This specific disposition will structure the works with the aim of analysing both formally and conceptually the use of experimental strategies within visual production.

    The show at sala rekalde is a new contribution of 1,2,3… Avant-Gardes entitled Art as Contextual Art. It departs from main ideas developed by Polish conceptual artist Jan Swidzinski, who in the early 1970s wrote manifestos and produced art works based on radical ideas about the importance of working within a specific socio-political context. His proposition for producing Contextual Art instead of a more universal Conceptual Art was crucial for the Polish art of the 70s. The exhibition will try to analyse the political, aesthetical and theoretical implications of working with the context of some Polish artists active in the 1970s and will also set out the different ways of negotiating with this issue in contemporary art production.


  • 17th Madrid's Experimental Cinema Week Awards

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    - "Comunidad De Madrid" Best Film Award

    Plivnuti Polibkem (Milos Tomic, Czech Republic, 2007)
    FAMU- Film School

    - "Ayuntamiento De Madrid" Special Jury Prize

    Sonata In Motion (Josep Antoni Duran & Laia Gil, España, 2006)

    - Instituto De La Cinematografía Y De Las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA) Prize for Best Film from Film School

    Analog Brother (Falk Peplinski, Alemania, 2007)
    Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

    - TAPSA Prize for Best Advertising Spot from Film School

    Macdonalds 1
    (Roberto Anjari-Rossi, 2007)
    Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin

    - Fujifilm Prize for Best Spanish Director

    For(r)est In The Des(s)ert (Luiso Berdejo, España, 2006)

    - Telson Pirize for Best Effects

    Chasse Á Puzzle (Puzzle Hunt) (Santiago Caicedo de Roux, Francia, 2006)
    Escuela: Ecole Nationale Supériure des Arts Décoratifs

    - Asociación Española De Autores De Fotografía Cinematográfica (AEC) Prize for Best Fotography

    Voice Over Voice (Malene Choi, Dinamarca, 2007)

    - “Pablo Del Amo” Prize for Best Editing

    Radio Kebrle (República Checa, 2006)

    - Audience Award

    Hopscotch (Ana Viana, Reino Unido, 2006)


  • Artists' Television Access' Year-end Party and Benefit

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    Join us for a night of magic and mystery at the ATA Electric Revival
    year-end party, as we invoke the wild spirit of invention and channel
    dreams and delusions from the ether through various forms of technology...

    Friday, December 7, 2007
    8pm - Midnight, Admission $10-50.
    All proceeds benefit ATA!

    Artists' Television Access
    992 Valencia Street (at 21st)
    San Francisco, CA 94110

    In the main gallery:

    • DayV Jones, videollusionist extraordinaire, dazzles the house with
      images from his moving picture trove
    • DJX-1138, the Bay Area's only all-analog sci-fi DJ, electrifies the
      atmosphere with his collection of far out tunes
    • Lee Montgomery, founder of Neighborhood Public Radio, conjures old
      spectres in a new video installation, from the project "Broadcast

    Downstairs in the inner sanctum:

    • Craig Baldwin, legendary mad cinema scientist, shares celluloid gems
      from the Other Cinema archive in his subterranean laboratory
    • Low Speed Duplicating, free-spirited Japanese sound duo, beckon spirits
      from the earth with savage and sublime psychedelic noise


  • 17th Madrid Experimental Cinema Week

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    17th Madrid Experimental Cinema WeekThe 17th edition of the Semana del Cine Experimental de Madrid (Spain) will be held from 16-23 November. The films in the official competition, all of them made in the years 2006-7, will be screened the weekend of 17-18 November. As in previous editions, there's a special award for works from cinema/video schools. The parallel sections will include programmes of israeli and african cinema and cellular made short films.


  • 2*TIE 2007

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    TIE 2007This year's edition of the International Experimental Cinema Exposition doubles as to the already announced expo in Montevideo, Uruguay at the end of the year, a new exhibition in Montréal, Canada will be held the weekend of November 2nd-4th.

    This expo will be organized by the Montréal collective Double Negative, and will feature three programmes of over thirty films, curated by TIE founder Christopher May. Filmmakers as Jeanne Liotta, Michael Robinson, Robert Todd, Daichi Saito and Johnathan Schwartz will be present to introduce and discuss their films.


  • Abstracta 2007 awards

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    Bret Battey's MercuriusThe 2007 edition of Abstracta ,  the international Abstract Cinema exhibition hold last week at Rome, Italy, has announced its winners. This edition's international jury was comprised by Americo Sbardella, Pip Chodorov, Javier Aguire and Simonetta Lux.

    - Mercurius by Bret Battey (UK, 2007)
    Honorable mentions
    - Energie! by Thorsten Fleisch (Germany, 2007)
    - Symphonie Caténaire by Didier Feldmann (France, 2006)
    - Exploration by Johanna Vaude (France, 2006)
    - White Noise by Dennis H. Miller (USA, 2007)
    - Le possédé by Leonardo Carrano (Italy, 2004)


  • ATA Film & Video Festival 2007

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    ATA 2007End of the year's festival bonanza continues with the second edition of San Francisco -based Artists' Television Access Film & Video Festival on October 10-12th. The festival will feature two short film programmes with nearly thirty works and an opening party with the projection of Paul Clipson's Illuminations with live music. Several film installations will be featured at the ATA center (992 Valencia St., San Francisco) during the month of October.


  • LFF 2007: Avant-Garde Weekend

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    lff07.jpgThis year's edition of the London Film Festival brings us again its Avant garde Weekend, Experimenta. During the last weekend of October we'll be able to see several film programmes, curated by Mark Webber, on themes such as identity, poetic perception of nature and the revisitation of the past. Highlights include a new works by Ken Jacobs, Peter Hutton and Robert Beavers, newly restored versions of Carolee Schneemann's films Fuses and Kitch’s Last Meal and a practical workshop with David Gatten 'on the use of text in 16mm filmmaking'.