• Some festival awards

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    FlexFest 2006

    The 2006 edition of the Florida Film Festival has announced its winners: 

    - In the film categories, long films section (longer than 12 minutes) the first prize was awarded to Bill Brown for The Other Side and the 2nd Prize to Peter Tscherkassky for Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine. In the short film category (12 minutes and shorter), the 1st Prize went to Jim Trainor for Harmony and the 2nd Prize to Michael Robinson for The General Returns from One Place to another. The special jury's "Gator" film award went to Roger Deutsch for Dead

    - In the video categories, long videos section, the
    1st Prize was for Frédéric Moffet for Jean Genet in Chicago and the
    2nd Prize went to Gregg Biermann for Spherical Coordinates. In the short videos category, the
    1st Prize was awarded to Steve Reinke for Ask the Insects and the 2nd Prize to Timo Katz for Whirr. The special jury's "Skeeter" video award went to Dariusz Krzeczek for Luukkaangkangas--updated, revisited.


    Other festivals

     At last month's Morelia Film Festival, the best experimental short prize was awarded to Natalia López for En el cielo como en la tierra. The best animated short prize was for Suzan Pitt for El doctor.


  • FlexFest 2006

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    FLEX, the Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival, will take place this weekend in Gainesville, Florida, USA. The festival, in its third edition, will have Craig Baldwin (who will have a special programme dedidated to him) and Mike Plante as guest jurors. You can check the festival schedule here.


  • Expanded Cinema: Time / Space / Structure

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    Württembergischer Kunstverein StuttgartThe Württemberg Art Association - Stuttgart (Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart) will organize a symposium on "expanded cinema" next month from December 7th to the 10th in the city of Stuttgart, Germany. The symposium , curated by Mark Webber, will feature performances, screenings, workshops and discussions with the particpation of renowned artists such as Tony Conrad, Bruce McClure, Karen Mirza & Brad Butler and William Raban.

    The highlights of the programme are the workshops and performances: Karen Mirza & Brad Butler will lead a practice based workshop on Creative Projection; Tony Conrad will demonstrate how to prepare a pickled film (mixing raw film stock, vinegar, vegetables and spices) and will make two performances on the last day; British artist William Raban will make performances with his main works from the 1970s and will give a lecture on Expanded Cinema and Structural Film; last, but not least, performances by Bruce McClure who will later give a practical demonstration and discussion about his works. The programme also includes screenings of films by Paul Sharits, Ken Jacobs, Malcolm Le Grice, Werner Nekes or Sally Potter, specially featuring doble and triple projections.


  • Experimental Cinema at La Habana FF 2006

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    habana_logoFor the very first time since its beginning in 1979, the 28th edition of the La Habana Film Festival will include an independent show experimental cinema show. The festival, that will take place from December 5th to 15th 2006 in La Habana, Cuba, will feature the presence and the works of Philip Hoffman, Dominic Angerame and Manuele Cecconello. The screenings will be followed by talks with the filmmakers with participation of selected specialists and the audience.


  • Exhibitions: Maciunas, Friedrich, Farocki

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    George MaciunasThe Maya Stendhal Gallery (New York) has opened its exhibition George Maciunas 1953 - 1978: Charts, Diagrams, Films, Documents and Atlases, dedicated to the work and life of the leader of the Fluxus movement. The works to be exhibited are Atlas of Russian History, Prehistoric Chinese Art (Shang and Chou Dynasties), European and Siberian Art of Migration, Biography Chronicling Activity between 1939-1978, and Diagram of Historical Development of Fluxus (incomplete). The exhibition will close next October 28th.

    In time with the beggining to this exposition about his friend and countryman, Jonas Mekas has published in his web an excerpt of his film Zefiro Torna: Scenes from the Life of George Maciunas.

    Su Friedrich At the MoMA (New York) and until tomorrow September 30th, there is a Su Friedrich retrospective. The event, aptly called The personal films of Su Friedrich, will center in her mid-career films, with titles such as Hide and seek (1996), The ties that bind (1984), Sink or swim (1990), The odds of recovery (2002) or her new film Seeing red (2005).

    Su Friedrich has seen this year 13 of her films remastered and edited in a 5 DVD edition by Outcast Films. Seeing Red has also been released as a separate DVD.

     Finally, Index, the Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation hosts an exhibition featuring the work of Harun Farocki. The exhibition, that will close next November 5th, will center on the film Videogramme einer Revolution, and offers a DVD library with 12 of Farocki's works.


  • TIE 2006

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    The Internationa Experimental CInema ExpositionThe 2006 edition of The International Experimental Cinema Exposition (TIE) festival, that will take place days 11-15th of October in Denver, Colorado, USA has made public its programme. Highlights are: the screening of newly restored prints of Frans Zwartjes' films Sorbet III, Spectator and Living, and a restored print of The Illiac Passion, by Gregory Markopoulos; new films by Luther Price and Kerry Laitala, and a programme dedicated to the work of fillmmaker and video artist Sheri Wills.


  • 10th Views from the Avant-garde

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    Ernie Gehr's Serene VelocityThe programme for the 10th edition of Views from the Avant-garde, part of the New York Film Festival's 44th edition has been nearly finished. The event, that will be held days 7, 8 and 15 of October will present new films by Bruce Conner, Nathaniel Dorsky (whose Song and solitude is said to have been the best of the Wavelengths programme at the TIFF), Guy Maddin, Godard & Mieville and others. There are full programmes dedicated to Kenneth Anger, Ernie Gehr, Saul Levine and Paolo Gioli.


  • London Film Festival - Experimenta Avant-Garde Weekend

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    London FIlm FestivalThe 50th London Film Festival will present this year its fourth Experimenta Avant-Garde Weekend, from October 28 to 30. The event will center on the works of Jack Smith with the screening of Mary Jordan's docoumentary Jack Smith & The Destruction Of Atlantis, and Kenneth Anger, who will present his recently restored films.

    Other highlights include new films by Nathaniel Dorsky, Phil Solomon, Ken Jacobs and Matthias Müller; the screening of restored prints of Jodorowsky's La montaña sagrada and Vittorio de Seta's documentary shorts. 


  • Retrospectiva de Mary Ellen Bute

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    Mary Ellen ButeEn el centésimo aniversario del nacimiento de Mary Ellen Bute (1906-1983), Cinematexas proyectará una retrospectiva completa de sus 14 cortos el próximo 21 de Septiembre. Bute, que comenzó como su carrera como pintora desarrolló su obra fílmica entre los años 30 a 50, a través de cortos de animación abstractos en los que plasmaba el sonido en imágenes.


    Los cortos proyectados (la totalidad de su obra, incluídas las colaboraciones con McLaren) son:


    "Rhythm in Light" (1934)

    "Synchromy No. 2" (1935)

    "Dada" (1936)

    "Parabola" (1937)

    "Escape" (1937)

    "Spook Sport" (1939)

    "Tarantella" (1940)

    "Polka Graph" (1947)

    "Color Rhapsody" (1948)

    "Imagination" (1948)

    "New Sensations in Sound" (1949)

    "Pastoral" (1950)

    "Abstronic" (1952)

    "Mood Contrasts" (1953)



  • MACBA: Cinevisión

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    MACBAEl MACBA (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Barcelona) inicia a partir del 4 de Octubre el programa de proyecciones "Cinevisión. Algunas obras maestras del cine experimental, 1956-2000", comisariado por Juan Bufill. Durante siete semanas, cada miércoles, se proyectarán en el auditorio del MACBA obras de Brakhage, Mekas, Snow, Menken, Frampton, Lye, Snow... Destacan la proyección de filmes como Walden, La région centrale, The Flicker film, Serene veolcity o Wavelength. Tenéis el programa completo aquí.