Analog Memories - The Hungarian Experimental Cinema

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LOOK INSIDE THE GHOST MACHINE (Péter Lichter / Hungary / 2012 / 4’)
The first avant-garde filmmakers believed that cinema had the function of a machine, created to manage pure emotions.

NUTRITION FUGUE (Péter Lichter / Hungary / 2018 / 4’)
'Közért' (translation: 'for the public') was a chain of stores run by the government of Hungary during communism (1948-1989). The word 'közért' is still present in Hungarian. Our film was made with ads from these stores, their original 35mm films were decomposed and cut into pieces.

CASSETTE (Péter Lichter / Hungary / 2011 / 10’)
This super 8 documentary contains a sound recording of the author during an elementary school trip in 1997.

PURE VIRTUAL FUNCTION (Péter Lichter / Hungary / 2015 / 3’)
Pure Virtual Function is a meditation on the representation of violence, the connection between virtual and real aggression. Films 35 mm painted with sounds of the Iraq war.

POLAROIDS (Péter Lichter / Hungary / 2014 / 14’)
'One morning Eduardo Kac, a professor of biology, fertilized his own DNA with that of a petunia.' From Márton Simon's poetry book.

HEADLESS APPEARANCE (Bori Máté / Hungary / 2017 / 3’) 
A hand-painted movie, made from old family photographs. An abstract memory of the passage of time.

THE SILENT SPRING SEAHORSE (Bori Máté / Hungary / 2018 / 8')
The Silent Spring Seahorse is a personal documentary about childhood, stories and the process of remembering.
Original version in English without subtitles.

ONEHEADWORD PROTECTION (Ivan & Igor Buharov / Hungary / 2006 / 7’)
The earth is confronted with a great force of destruction.

HOTEL TUBU (Ivan & Igor Buharov / Hungary / 2002 / 5’) 
With elements of different religious, social and artistic ideologies such as surrealism, folklore and Buddhism, the Buharovs create their own universe, also borrowing from avant-garde tendencies to incorporate their elements into a grotesque and metaphysical jumble.

STILL LIFE (Péter Klausz / Hungary / 2016 / 1’)
Still life - a genre of celluloid painting. A look at the life of a family.

BLUEPRINT (Péter Klausz / Hungary / 2013 / 3') 
Visual study in blue.

HANNA (Péter Klausz / Hungary / 2013 / 8')
During the journey of a girl to her new home, images of the past appear.

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