Agitate Essential Cinema Vol 1

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Synesthesia Gallery Hosts the first screening of Agitate Essential Cinema Vol 1

Thanks to Synesthesia and Mio Nakai, AGITATE:21C is excited to present the first screening of our international touring program Agitate Essential Cinema Volume 1 with the immense talent and essential work of Nazlı Dinçel, Karissa Hahn, Sylvia Toy St Louis, Lynne Sachs, Gisela Guzmán, Morrison Gong, J.E. Sharpe, Kelly Gallagher, Anu Valia, and Xiaoer Liu !!! This is the first in a series that will have a revolving list of curators from around the world, a renegotiation of the term “Essential Cinema” with artists that are defining the avant-garde and independent cinema. We celebrate the past avant-garde geniuses whose work was always essential but left out through this exhibit of some of the greatest artists in the world. (without the homogenous white patriarchy)

Program Details:

  • Karissa Hahn - Regal (2min, sound)
  • Nazlı Dinçel - Untitled - (12min, sound)
  • Lynne Sachs - Carolee, Barbara, Gunvor - (9min, sound)
  • Sylvia Toy St. Louis - AND SO I SAID - (6min, sound)
  • Morrison Gong - Eros Diary - (5min, sound)
  • Jennifer Sharpe - Lights Bypass - (3min, sound)
  • Karissa Hahn - _______ - (4min, sound)
  • Gisela Guzmán - Llegué Bien - (6min, sound)
  • Kelly Gallagher - Slower - (7min, sound)
  • Morrison Gong - Festal Flutter - (3min, sound)
  • Karissa Hahn - Please Step Out Of the Frame - (4min, sound)
  • Anu Valia - Lucia, Before and After - (14min, sound)
  • Xiaoer Liu - 2nd Time [Xiaoer Midnight Paintings] - (3min, silent)



Friday, January 3, 2020 - 19:30


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