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On May 17, the Action/Reception cycle arrives at, in which 20 short films in super 8 millimeters programmed by Paulo Pécora can be seen.

The programming will be divided into four programs that will be available for five days each and then can all be seen again during the final ten days of the cycle.

-Program 1 (From May 17 to 22)

  • Odyssey (2016) Daniela Cugliandolo
  • Sunflowers (2016) Jeff Zorrilla
  • Body (2017) Manu Reyes
  • Black Snow (2017) Marto Álvarez
  • Ballotage (2015) Azucena Losana

-Program 2 (23 to 28 May)

  • Letter to Lady, by Ariel Nahón.
  • Fall, by Melisa Aller.
  • Insomnia, by Ernesto Baca.
  • Virulence, by Santiago Vitale.
  • A thousand days a thousand nights, by Emiliano Cativa.

-Program 3 (May 29 to June 2)

  • Pifíes!, by Ignacio Tamarit.
  • The 7 deadly pardons: 1-The trip, by Manque La Banca.
  • Clinical History, by Luján Montes and Luciana Foglio.
  • ST, by Benjamin Ellenberger.
  • Welder, by Julio Fermepin.

-Program 4 (June 3 to 8)

  • You repeat it inside with the force of thunder, by Luciana Foglio and Luján Montes.
  • Hysteresis, by Ana Villanueva.
  • Organic Colors, by Paula Pellejero.
  • Two hundred forty-five lights of music, by Sergio Subero.
  • Our Fuji (a postcard), by Pablo Marín.

Repeat of all short films: June 9 to 20

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Wednesday, May 17, 2023 (All day) to Tuesday, June 20, 2023 (All day)



Wednesday, May 17, 2023 (All day) to Tuesday, June 20, 2023 (All day)