7th (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico: New Impressionists

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(S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico celebrates its seventh edition in A Coruña from June 1 to 5. This time the festival will hold a special edition under the tilte of "New Impressionists", bringing together both emergent and veteran filmmakers whose work engages the experimentation with light and its pictorial qualities. Probing the limits of sensory perception and subjectivity, this group of filmmakers has signed some of the most visually stimulating works made in recent years. This is the case of Canadian filmmaker Stephen Broomer that will present a fine selection of his 16mm works. Films in which the colors and textures evoke the work of the original Impressionists, and in which the author uses fast sweeps, collisions and movements that challenge the eye, and make imagine the filmmaker operating the camera as if you ran a box light with the ways of action painting.

Also within the ‘New Impressionists’ programme, (S8) will host the World Première of ‘glitch’ French master Jacques Perconte’s new film: Save my heart from the world (2016). Perconte will also offer a performance that was originally designed together with techno music guru Jeff Mills and that will be presented in the festival with the collaboration of the musician Eddie Ladoire. (S8) will feature one of Perconte’s video installations, in this case specifically produced for one of the festival spaces – PALEXCO gallery in A Coruña – in which the artist will present his works Bois de Luzarches nº3, nº4 y nº7.

This special programme devoted to Impressionism is completed with a selection of recent works by international artists such as Americans Jodie Mack and Robert Todd, Argentinian Pablo Mazzolo, Canadians John Price, Alexandre Larose and Eva Kolcze and British Charlotte Pryce, amongst others. The (S8) will also offer a session dedicated to Germaine Dulac, a pioneer of film and part of the avant-garde stream of the 20’s designated as "French impressionists", by screening the recently restored 35mm version of her films Étude Cinématographique sur une Arabesque and Thèmes et Variations.

Every year, the (S8) gathers in A Coruña some of the most prominent names of avant-garde cinema. This is the case of Saul Levine, who became a pioneer in experimental cinema at the end of the 60’s by turning the most popular domestic film format (Super 8 and 8mm) into a tool for an upcoming immediate, intimate and untamed cinema. In words of P. Adams Sitney – author of the avant-garde cinema bible ‘Visionary Film’ – Levine is ‘the foremost dissenting filmmaker in America’. During the festival, two sessions will be held around Levine’s work showing in total 14 of his film ‘Notes’, nervous diarist, lyrics and lively movies, where the camera seems to be an extension of his body, and in which imperfection and intensity are part of their unique essence.

The festival will also receive the visit of two of the most prolific British artists linked to the renowned London Filmmakers’ Co-op. Nicky Hamlyn, who will show a selection of his 16mm films, will also premiere in A Coruña his work Quadrants (2016), a new film performance produced specifically for this occasion. The second Co-op filmmaker present in (S8) is William Raban, one of the key figures in expanded cinema since the 70’s, who will show a selection  of films including – among others -Broadwalk, Angles of Incidence, About Now MMX, Time and the Wave, and a master class around the concept of ‘Time and the Materiality of Film’ including his performance Take Measure.

Olivier Dekegel -filmmaker, author and programmer – has commissioned a special session featuring Brussels based L'Âge D'Or as our 2016 guest festival. In his selection, Dekegel has included some of the most recent works by renowned filmmakers such as Robert Beavers, Peter Todd, Friedl vom Gröller and Peter Gidal. Also featuring a ‘carte blache’, Canadian filmmaker and Executive Director at Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) Chris Kennedy will show a selection of films of this artistic platform which offers more than 150 workshops per year and has one of the most solid international artistic residence programmes in the world.

The group of international filmmaker-guests is completed by the presence at the (S8) of the American filmmaker Martha Colburn, one of the most important figures in experimental animation, who will be starring one of our film-performance evenings by offering a film-remix session accompanied by the live analogic electronic music by Spanish composer Jesús Guisado.

Galician talent is reflected as usual in our Sinais section, headed this year by our local artist in focus Xiana Gómez-Díaz, who will show a broad selection of her shorts and a work-in-progress of her first feature Proyecto D. Sinais programme is complete by a female filmmakers’ meeting around the project ‘Cinema e muller’ by filmmaker Xisela Franco and producer Beli Martínez,  and by a session including the recent works of some of the most active and interesting artists in Galicia in which we will present, among others, films belonging to the second edition of the ‘Chanfaina’Lab’ initiative, together with the newest works by de Xurxo Chirro, Gonzalo E. Veloso and Borja Santomé Rodríguez.

The (S8) will hold its 2nd Meeting of International Film Festival Programmers, a special screening of Andrés Duque’s latest film Oleg y las raras artes, and a very complete didactic programme that includes a film conference by Eugeni Bonet organized in collaboration with Galician filmmakers association CREA. In this 2016 aulaCREA session, Bonet will also show his film 133, made together with Eugènia Balcells, and the work-in-progress of his new film eGolem (una de miedo).

Furthermore, the seventh edition of the festival will start with a cinema-concert as an opening gala on May 30 with the screening of the restored version of Sergei M. Eisenstein’s master piece 'Battleship Potemkin'. The film, considered the cornerstone of modern film editing, will be accompanied live on the piano by American composer Chris Jarrett, author of an original score inspired by Eisenstein’s film.

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Spirits in Season (Stephen Broomer, 2013)
Spirits in Season (Stephen Broomer, 2013)


Wednesday, June 1, 2016 (All day) to Sunday, June 5, 2016 (All day)



Wednesday, June 1, 2016 (All day) to Sunday, June 5, 2016 (All day)