60Seconds Festival 2015

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60Seconds Festival 2015 is now open for entries. This year's theme is: Close Up!. To participate in 60Seconds Festival 2015, you have to present an original film of exactly 60 seconds (no credits or title), without sound, and made with close-up! Zoom in, tell your history in macro and blow-up your short film in Copenhagen.

Deadline: March 1st. 2015

Copenhagen has been an alternative filmsite for 60Seconds Festival since 2006, projecting selected short films in urban spaces an converting the city in street cinemas.

- Fill the entrance form ( link to download here: (PDF), (DOC) and send it to: [email protected]
- The festival will then send you a mail with a link to upload your film,
- The jury will select the 10 best films to be shown in public spaces in Copenhagen, from March 23 to 29 and will compete for the Jury Award (15.000.dkr.) and the Audience Awards (8.000 dkr.)