The 52nd Ann Arbor Film Festival 16mm Tour

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The Ann Arbor Film Festival is a pioneer of the traveling film festival concept, having launched an annual tour program in 1964. The AAFF selects films from the past years festival to screen in art house theaters, museums, universities, cinematheques and media art centers. All filmmakers participating on the tour are paid to screen their work, providing direct support to these independent artists. 

The 53rd Festival will take place March 24 – 29, 2015 at the historic Michigan Theater. The Ann Arbor Film Festival is the longest-running independent and experimental film festival in North America, established in 1963. The six-day festival presents 40 programs with more than 200 films from over 20 countries of all lengths and genres, including experimental, animation, documentary, narrative, hybrid and performance based works.

AAFF Program Director David Dinnell in attendance!

Featured Filmmakers: Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy, Mike Stoltz, Malena Szlam, Rebecca Meyers, Courtney Krantz, Leandro Listorti, Andrew Kim, Tinne Zenner, Paul Clipson, Mark Toscano, Silvia das Fadas, Sasha Waters Freyer, Charlotte Pryce & Pablo Mazzolo.

Image Gallery: 

Burn Out the Day (Sasha Waters Freyer, 2014)



Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 19:00


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