25 FPS Festival 2014

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25 FPS Festival is devoted to independent and non-commercial films which innovatively explore the possibilities of cinematic language, narration and the medium itself, cross film types and genres and broaden the notion of film as art. It promotes expressive original concepts, progresses in terms of theme, idea and aesthetics, as well as works that perpetuate the tradition of avant-garde and experimental film.

Competition programmes:

Competition 1: Space Cinema
- Darkroom (Billy Roisz, Austria, 2014)
- Teheran-Geles (Arash Nassiri, France, 2014)
- Brouillard – Passage #14 (Alexandre Larose, Canada, 2013)
- Da Vinci (Yuri Ancarani, Italy, 2012)

Competition 2: Cinema of Unmaking
- Two points of failure (Michael Moshe Dahan, USA, 2014)
- We had the experience but missed the meaning (Laida Lertxundi, Spain, USA, 2014)
- Howto (Elisabeth Caravella, France, 2014)
- Wantee (Laure Prouvost, United Kingdom, 2014)

Competition 3: Solid Cinema
- Handful Of Dust (Hope Tucker, USA, 2013)
- Deep Sleep (Basma Alsharif, France, Greece, Malta, 2014)
- Kamakura (Yoriko Mizushiri, Japan, 2014)
- All That Is Solid (Louis Henderson, France, Ghana, 2014)
- Fort Morgan (Alexander Stewart, USA, 2014)

Competition 4: Cinema of Loners
- Sun Song (Joel Wanek, USA, 2013)
- Wash Your Hands First (Josip Žuvan, Croatia, 2014)
- PS São Paulo (Leni Huyghe, Belgium, Brazil, 2013)
- Višak Vjetra (Dane Komljen, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, 2014)

Competition 5: Magnifying Cinema
- Model Fifty-One Fifty-Six (Josh Weissbach, USA, 2014)
- Laborat (Guillaume Cailleau, Germany, 2014)
- Moshushi Dang He Si Wuya (Sun Xun, China, 2014)
- E# – From A Glacial Tune (Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger, Austria, 2014)
- Lunar Almanac (Malena Szlam, Canada, 2013)
- Village Modèle (Hayoun Kwon, France, 2013)
- Thing (Anouk De Clercq, Belgium, Italy, France, 2013)
- The Chimera Of M. (Sebastian Buerkner, United Kingdom, 2013)

Competition 6: Cinema is Cinema
- Kino Crvena Zvijezda (Silvestar Kolbas, Croatia, 2014)
- Mount Song (Shambhavi Kaul, India, USA, 2013)
- Hacked Circuit (Deborah Stratman, USA, 2014)
- Ancha Es Castilla/N'importe Quoi (Sergio Caballero, Spain, 2014)



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