13th Montréal Underground Film Festival

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The 13th edition of the Montréal Underground Film Festival (MUFF) hits the screens over a four-day period from May 18 to 20, 2018. This year, the MUFF collective has selected the 68 finest and most innovative shorts from a record 750(!) submissions by local and international artists. Our 13th opening night party and program will take place at Bar Le Ritz (179 rue Jean-Talon West, Montréal) on May 18th at 7pm (screenings at 8pm), featuring two programs of films representative of the fest at large. On May 19th and 20th, Microcinema Être (6029 ave du Parc, corner Van Horne) will host seven more programs of MUFF’s distinctive assemblage of immersive, subversive, and sublime moving image works!

For its 13th edition, MUFF features nine programs of short films and features guaranteed to appeal to the wide range of tastes and obsessions of the intrepid MUFF audience. MUFF attendees will see many film premieres, along with a selection of alternative Canadian projects from independent distributors, Winnipeg Film Group (WFG), Vidéographe, and Groupe Intervention Video (GIV).

OPENING NIGHT, Friday, May 18th – doors, 7pm
Bar Le Ritz
179 rue Jean-Talon West, Montréal

SCREENINGS, Saturday May 19th & Sunday May 20th
6029a ave. du Parc (corner Van Horne)

MUFF 13 Program Schedule
8pm (doors 7pm) – OPENING NIGHT (a taste of MUFF in two programs)

5:30pm – EXPERIMENTAL PORTRAITS (documentaries focusing on unique, inspiring people)
7pm – DANGEROUS IMMERSIONS (works of tactile surface, grain, and decay)
8:30pm – COSMIC FEEDBACK (sci-fi, digital abstraction, weird technology)
11:30pm – MIDNIGHT DREAD (experiments in horror, dread and excess; meditations on anxiety and mortality)

11am – IMPRINTS: DOCUMENTING LANDSCAPES (three experimental documentary explorations of space and place)
1pm – ARCHIVE(S) (inventive redeployments of archival material and the idea of archive)

13th MUFF (Montréal Underground Film Festival) Opening Night Program
Thursday, May 18th, 2018, 8pm (doors, 7pm). Opening Night at MUFF features a two-part program of experimental works of film, video and animation to whet the appetite of all connoisseurs of the subversive.
BAR LE RITZ, 179 rue Jean-Talon West, Montréal
Programmers: MUFF Collective
Part I (8pm), 40 minutes
- Ein Paté Chinois Mit Käse (Jean-Loup Pinard, Québec/Canada, 2017, 3:43, English, no dialogue) distribution: Stéphanie Demers-Hébert - Welcome Aboard
- Hypnagogia (Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt, Québec/Canada, 2017, 5:29, no dialogue) distribution: Vidéographe
- Purrs and Ol’ Man Blues (Susan Shulman, Québec/Canada, 2017, 1:36, English)
- The Siren (Anne Golden, Québec/Canada, 2017, 2:36, no dialogue) distribution: GIV
- Kinski Wanted Herzog to Direct but He Turned it Down (Guillaume Vallée, Québec/Canada, 2017, 6:00, no dialogue) distribution: Vidéographe
- 2x50=100 (byol-nathalie kimura-lemoine, Québec/Canada, 2017, 1:40, english) distribution: GIV
- Kayla in 1A (Travis Wood, USA, 2016, 4:06, English)
- Sweet Affliction (Jess Lee, Québec/Canada, 2018, 7:38, English)
- Dailies from Dumpland (M. Woods, USA, 2017, 7:23, English)

PART II (9:30pm), 43 minutes
- 1st Day & Next Minute (Sara Koppel, Danemark, 2017, 3:00, no dialogue)
- Code -> <- Virus (Interactive Omni-Augmented Family Encyclopedia for Transhumanist Adaptability) (Frédérick Maheux, Québec/Canada, 2017, 11:04, English)
- Rhythm (Anna Luz, Québec/Canada, 2017, 1:03, no dialogue)
- These Boots are Made for Walking (Eden Mitsenmacher, UK/Netherlands, 2017, 2:41, English)
- Vehicle Emotions Test (Paul Scott, Canada, 2016, 3:11, English)
- HOT-HOT-HOT (Alex Ateah, Canada, 2017, 2:44, English) distribution: Winnipeg Film Group
- Shift (Léa Rogliano, Belgium, 2016, 7:00, French, sous-titres english)
- Penelope (Heta Jäälinoja, Estonia/Finland, 2017, 4:00, no dialogue) distribution: Promofest)
- The Effect (Sizen Sabahyildizi, Turkey, 2016, 4:07, English)
- An Afternoon at Oyster Bay (Jon Behrens, Canada, 2016, 4:42, no dialogue)

MUFF 101
MUFF celebrates low-budget filmmaking and promotes those who challenge the constraints and conventions of mainstream Hollywood. Co-founded by Karina Mariano and Zoë Brown, MUFF has morphed into a collective of independent filmmakers, writers, teachers and cinephiles committed to seeking out edgy films bristling with a sense of creative freedom, energy and experimentation. Films in any way affiliated with a major motion picture studio, and “calling-card” films (aka, slick, thinly disguised shout-outs to the commercial industry), were ineligible. Keep up to date with all MUFF goings-on via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MUFF514/ or website (www.muff514.com).



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Friday, May 18, 2018 (All day) to Sunday, May 20, 2018 (All day)
  • 6029a av du Parc
    Montreal, Quebec
    45° 31' 30.6912" N, 73° 36' 31.9788" W