Последняя любовь / Last Love

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June 7 in the framework of the XXIII International Festival of Arts "Sergey Oskolkov and his friends" there will be a movie evening with a concert. The event starts at 19 o'clock.
Free admission

“I am free” Documentary film by Anastasia Yakubek about the fate of the composer Vsevolod Zaderatsky
(A word about the composer Joseph Raiskin)

M. Glinka, P. Tchaikovsky, I. Dunaevsky, S. Oskolkov
Performers: Julia Simonova (soprano), Sergey Muravyov (tenor), Sergey Oskolkov (piano)

“Last Love” Short film.

Movie 18+

The author of the film - Dmitry Frolov
The film was shot: Natalia Surkova, Vladimir Zolotar
Voice overs - Leonid Brain
Music by Sergey Oskolkov

The musical and poetic composition “O shining my soul” to the poems of Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev for the Reader, Piano and String Orchestra of the composer Sergey Aleksandrovich Oskolkov served as the sound basis for the philosophical parable about human love and divine, about the cycle of life, about the decline of civilization, and that the latter will be the first. The film is shot as a dream, and the use of the aesthetic series of experimental cinema only emphasizes this state. The universal sound is given to him by the poetry of Fyodor Tyutchev (1803-1873), soulfully played by Leonid Brain behind the scenes.



Friday, June 7, 2019 - 19:00 to Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 18:55
  • Bolshaya Morskaya str., 45
    196233   St. Petersburg
    59° 55' 55.0884" N, 30° 18' 19.6416" E