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winklerThe new label Red Avocado has released today its first title: Paul Winkler: Australian Icons selects some of the Germany-born filmmaker's most famous and awarded works. Includes the films Sydney Harbour Bidge (1977, 16mm, colour, sound, 13 mins), Bondi (1979, 16mm, colour, sound, 15 mins), Ayers Rock (1981, 16mm, colour, sound, 21 mins), Time out for Sport (1996, 16mm, colour, sound, 17 mins), Rotation (1998, 16mm, colour, sound, 17 mins). Bonus: © Paul Winkler (Mark Daley, Nicole Reid and Dominik Muench, MiniDV, colour, sound, 11 mins). DVD PAL, Multizone, 94 mins., 25€ (includes S&H for Europe).

Two exclusive releases from the american distributor / publisher Microcinema:
- Experiments in terror 3, once again curated by Noel Lawrence, but this time under the new Provocateur label. The short films included in this compilation are Manuelle Labor (Marie Losier, USA, 2007, 10 min.), Born of The Wind (Mike Kuchar, USA, 1961, 24 min.), Satan Claus (J.X. Williams, USA, 1975, 16mm, 3 min.), The Psychotic Odyssey of Richard Chase (Carey Burtt, USA, 1999, 16mm, 6 min.), Terror! (Ben Rivers, USA, 2007, 24 min.), Loma Lynda: The Red Door (excerpt) (Jason Bognacki, USA, 2008, 10 min.). Bonus: It Gets Worse (Clifton Childree, USA, 2008, 32 min.). DVD NTSC, Multizone, 109 min., 24,95$
- The distribution of Phill Niblock's The Movement of People Working, a 2003 essential compilation of Niblock's documentaries regarding the dynamics of human labour, in opposition to Niblocks' remarkable minimalistic music. DVD10 NTSC, Multizone, 208 min., 24,95$

Index releases its 33rd DVD with Maria Lassnig: Animated Films, compiling the animations the austrian filmmaker, founder of the Studio for Experimental Animation, made while living in New York in the seventies. Includes the films Baroque statues (1970-74, 16mm, sound, 15 min), Iris (1971, 16mm, sound, 10 min), Chairs (1971, 16mm, sound, 2 min), Selfportrait (1971, 16mm, sound, 4:30 min), Shapes (1972, 16mm, sound, 9 min), Couples (1972, 16mm, sound, 9 min), Palmistry (1973, 16mm, sound, 10 min), Art education (1976, 16mm, sound, 8 min), Maria Lassnig Kantate (1992, 16mm, sound, 8 min). DVD PAL, Multizone, 76 mins., 28,8€.