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VARIATIONS includes twelve Canadian moving image and sound artists interpreting Poem (1957) by Michael Snow. The artists selected for this project approached the work from a number of different angles, perspectives and emotions.

Snow's poem provided an anchor for the contributing artists’ work to be fastened to, while giving them the freedom to allow their subjectivity to influence the result.

Each of the artists chose to cling to different words, and groupings of words, in creating their own unique narrative, a narrative based on an individual assessment of Poem and how it could be interpreted through moving image and sound.

Edition of 300

1. Evangeline Belzile + Ian William Craig (3:59)
2. Stephen Broomer + Stuart Broomer (7:34)
3. Kyle Armstrong + Mark Templeton (3:12)
4. Dan Browne + Steve Richman (3:45)
5. Michael Snow Portrait (silent) (2:16) (shot by John Price)
6. Christine Lucy Latimer (silent) (5:08)
7. Mani Mazinani (5:48)
8. John Price (silent) (3:30)
9. Clint Enns (5:48)

Essay by Stephen Broomer

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Variations is a collection of 9 short, personal films ostensively documenting each artist's personal reaction to a poem by Michael Snow named, "Poem." I have encountered and liked the work of several of these Canadian artists previously so I bought the DVD. This, in spite of the fact I have a limited regard for Mr. Snow as an artist, and find his "Poem" to be both amateurish and unenlightening. I wasn't disappointed by this nicely produced DVD with a beautiful postcard. The works by Broomer,Browne, and Mazinani were standouts for me, but all were nuanced visuals tied to either silence or new music.

I hope to see more from the producer, Mark Templeton, and these artists.





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Thursday, June 23, 2016


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