Stephen Connolly - Spatial Cinema


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These films foreground the experiences of our surroundings and cinematic space, while engaging in singular aesthetic journeys of their own. Narratives of space are traced in this work, exploring material environments constructed as sites, by movement and habit, and the workings of finance and capital.

Includes an essay by Jonathan P. Watts, contemporary art critic and lecturer at the Royal College of Art, London.


  • The Reading Room | 3′, 2002
  • Film for Tom | 12′, 2005
  • Postcard from Istanbul | 6′, 2003
  • Más Se Perdió | 14′, 2009
  • Zabriskie Point (redacted) | 27′, 2013
  • Machine Space | 24′, 2016

“Connolly is a filmmaker first, but also an artist and craftsman…from a ballet school in Cuba to tragic working class heroes – means his inquisitive, self-reflexive films take experimental cinema in new directions…” Vlastimir Sudar, S&S 10.16

Disc extras:

Essay booklet & on-disc PDF; film commentaries by Lars Bjorn, William Brown, Miranda Pennell, Andrea Luka Zimmerman; interview with architect Vittorio Garatti; research material and extra footage.

Released & funded by UCA and LUX; Distributed by LUX

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Monday, March 11, 2019


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