Claudine Eizykman - Intégrale des films (1969-1981)


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Cinédoc Paris Films Coop’s “Experimental Film Collection” DVD collection aims to promote major works from the vanguard and experimental cinema heritage. Claudine Eizykman, disappeared in June 2018, was the co-founder of Paris Films Coop in 1974 and Cinédoc in 1979, of which she was president until 2018. Filmmaker and theorist, essential figure in the French experimental renewal of the years 1970, she leaves an important cinematographic work made up of ten films, which are among the most original and aesthetically successful of the experimental movement of the years 1970-1980 and which remain to be discovered or rediscovered.

This is an unpublished first edition of Claudine Eizykman’s complete international film with a French booklet translated into English.

This integral brings together the three parts of the film Bruine Squamma, the films V.W Vitesse Women, Moires Mémoires, Lapse and Operneïa, particularly representative of her very singular style. Also included in the box are her co-directed films: L'Autre Scène and Maine Montparnasse as well as a film supplement, Melba Film, directed by Dominique Willoughby on the production of the multicolored magazine for technological arts, Melba, edited by Claudine Eizykman and in which Guy Fihman, Prosper Hillairet, Dominique Willoughby, Patrick de Haas and Pascal Auger actively participate, with 5 issues including two duplicates published between 1976 and 1979.

Extreme originality of his cinematographic work marked by a complexity in the very sophisticated construction of images. Thus, all of her films together make it possible to rediscover this French avant-garde which has played a key role in the evolution of French experimental cinema.

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