Ann Arbor DVD Collection Volume 2: Unexplored Territories


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Cross over borders of independent and experimental cinema with Unexplored Territories, delivering nine award-winning and favorite short films from the 47th Ann Arbor Film Festival. DVD includes exclusive behind-the-scenes video, "Making the Arbor Art Mobile."


DVD Selections

This second DVD collection of the Ann Arbor Film Festival features the following films:

+ DahliaMichael Langan | San Francisco, CA 5 min

An animated, fast-motion portrait that explores the bustle and permanence of a city: San Francisco. Set to a driving score of vocal percussion, this film is a high-velocity contrast of stable forms and the dynamic patterns of life.

+ Studies in Transfalumination Peter Rose | Philadelphia, PA 5 min

The visual complexities of the ordinary world – a tunnel, a clump of grass, a discarded table, a piece of rock – are examined with modified flashlights and stripped down video projectors in this otherworldly exploration of place and perception. Winner of the Transfalumination Jury Award 47th AAFF.

+ Quiero Ver Adele Horne | Los Angeles, CA 6 min

On the 13th of each month, hundreds of people gather at a site in the Mojave Desert to see visions of the Virgin Mary appear in the sun. They point Polaroid, cell phone, and video cameras at the sun, and compare interpretations of the resulting images.

+ Cattle Call Mike Maryniuk & Matthew Rankin | Winnipeg, Canada 4 min

Structured around the mesmerizing talents of 2007 Manitoba /Saskatchewan Auctioneer Champion, Tim Dowler, this film tries to create images as dazzlingly abstract, absurd and adrenalizing as the incredible language of auctioneering itself. It is the filmmakers hope that the film will induce near-bovine levels of dumbfoundedness in all those who gaze upon it.

+ Blue Tide, Black Water Eve Gordon and Sam Hamilton | Wellington, New Zealand 10 min

Amid an ocean of wax one might chance upon a garden of flowering chemicals, where the filmmakers have circumnavigated microscopic reactions, creating an epic in miniature.

+ NoraAlla Kovgan & David Hinton | Somerville, MA 35 min

Shot in Southern Africa, NORA is based on childhood memories of the dancer Nora Chipaumire who was born in Zimbabwe in 1965. Using performance and dance, she brings her history to life in a swiftly-moving poem of sound and image. The original score was composed by a Zimbabwean legend - Thomas Mapfumo. Winner of the Eileen Maitland Award 47th AAFF.

+ ReincarnationTakeshi Kushida | Tokyo, Japan 5 min

An otherworldly and poetic portrayal of one man's journey between lives, expressed through movement, flesh and color.

+ Video Terraform Dance Party Jeremy Bailey | Toronto, Canada 12 min

Based on his live performances, Bailey shows off his latest software program that allows the user to design a better world. Combining improv monologue, social commentary, and interactive software, Bailey provides a platform to laugh and dance in our seats while contemplating the ways we live together. Winner of the Funniest Film Award 47th AAFF.

+A City to YourselfNicole Macdonald | Detroit, MI 24 min


All sales revenues of Unexplored Territories are shared with the filmmakers, furthering the Ann Arbor Film Festival's mission to help support talented artists working with film and video.

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Ann Arbor Film Festival

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