Angular Volume 1


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Compilation of experimental cinema and artist-made videos selected from the participants of the call made by the publisher. The DVD includes a printed booklet with analytical texts on the works selected and also critical essays, written by specialists and programmers.


- Stephen Broomer
Spirits in Season (16 mm, 12 min., 2012, Canada)

- Scott Fitzpatrick
Wingdings Love Letter / Places With Meaning (16 mm, 5 min., 2012 - 2013, Canada)

- Tomonari Nishikawa
Tokyo - Ebisu (16 mm, 5 min., 2010, Japan)
Shibuya Tokyo (16 mm, 10 min., 2010, Japan)

- Jennifer Proctor
A Movie by Jen Proctor (Video, 12 min., 2010 - 2012, USA)

- Blanca Rego
Engram (optical sound #001) (Video, 2 min., 2013, Spain)

- Jesse Mclean
Remote (Video, 11 min., 2011, USA)

- Andrés Denegri
Aula Magna (Super 8, 7 min., 2013, Argentina)

- Mauri Lehtonen
Physical Examination (16 mm/Video, 3 min., 2012, Finland)

- Anna Marziano
The Mutability of All Things and the Possibility of Changing Some (Super 16, 16 min., 2011, France-Italy)

- Salomé Lamas
Encounters with Landscape 3x (Video, 29 min., 2012, Portugal)

- Guest Filmmaker: Chris Gallagher
Seeing in the Rain (16 mm, 10 min., 1981, Canada)

Limited edition of 150 copies. Sleeves are offset printed, individually numbered, and presented in a 400 gr, hand manufactured, Kraft cardboard box.

The DVD's total running time is 122 minutes, with 13 films, and an 82-page book in both Spanish and English.

The sets will only be available for individuals, no sales will be made to national or international art institutions.

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Angular Vol.1
Angular Vol.1

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35 EUR


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Thursday, December 17, 2015


122 min.







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