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Avikunthak, Ashish
Aurand, Ute
Auger, Pascal
Arnold, Bob
Ardévol, Álvaro
Arce, Diana
Araneda, Cecilia
Angerame, Dominic
Alston, Angela
Alshaibi, Usama
Aller, Melisa

Melisa Aller was born and lives in Buenos Aires (Argentina). She is an experimental filmmaker and visual artist.

Alcoz, Albert

Director, writer, teacher and curator of experimental cinema. BFA from the University of Barcelona, Master of Documentary Film and DEA in Creation Theory, Analysis and Information Film from the University Pompeu Fabra. His doctoral research focuses..

Agrafiotis, Michail
Agis, Carolyn
Adern X

Adern X is an artist active in sound and 

Adam H. Marchand

Adam H. Marchand is a DIY artist, filmmaker, and aphorist

Abject Leader

“Abject Leader’s deeply materialist aesthetic sets them at an angle to the mainstream of contemporary moving image work.

Abate, Bobby