Shot on Blood: Kozmikonic Electronica

SHOT ON BLOOD:KOZMIKONIC ELECTRONICA  — a composite film & installation — an electrical philosophic treat and an ambrosial visual delectable —Premiered at the Seoul International New Media Festival (2010),   presented at the Portland Art Museum/Northwest Film and Video Festival USA (November, 2010) ——— May 2011 at Son & Vue Festival Montreal, Easternbloc, Premiere film/installation,  Opening of festival event @ Festival Internacional de Arte Experimental, Bilbao, Spain, 2011

À la base, cette oeuvre est composée d’images des paysages montagneux de la Colombie-Britannique, tournées en pellicule 35mm noir et blanc à l’aide d’une caméra ancienne de marque Bell & Howell. Cette matière première fut ensuite transférée vers un format vidéo HD, puis ré-encodée avec une matrice couleur extrapolée de données extraits d’une expérimentation film où des cellules sanguines teintées servaient de grain photographique. Cette expérimentation est elle-même passée par un procédé morphique supplémentaire, utilisant une version imparfaite du théorème des tores invariables de Vladimir Arnold (une fonction mathématique, sorte de mapping chaotique, qui crée un effet visuel de cisaillement). L’image est ainsi étirée, mélangée et reconstituée, créant un effet dynamique où l’image originale disparait et réapparaît parmi le bruit visuel. Le tout est un exercice d’exploration esthétique, temporelle et de reconnaissance de motif. 

Eastern Bloc, New Media Production & Exhibition Centre, Montreal.

Director: O. Hockenhull

Music: Lisa Walker

Sound: Absolute Value of Noise

Oliver Hockenhull is a Vancouver based media artist who has exhibited extensively, at underground local sites and at key international institutions, from obscure avant garde venues to landmarks such as the New York Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery of Art (Washington), the Centre de Cultura Contemparania de Barcelona , the Kunsthalle, Basel, the European Media Art Festival(Osnabrück), MIT Boston, the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam, the Nouveau Cinema Festival of Montreal, the Sao Paulo International Film Festival, the Chicago International Film Festival and many others.SHOT ON BLOOD:KOZMIKONIC ELECTRONICA1/2 of the film was shot using a hand cranked 35mm camera, a 1912 Bell and Howell 2709 — B.  The other half of the film was shot in HD. The film was hand processed and using the colour matrix and gamma of a hand made emulsion (using his own tinted blood cells for grain — based on a 1930’s patent) the film was then transferred to high definition video.The work is about representation today— analog / binary — & electricity & hydro power & British Columbia & the beginnings of cinema via Eadweard Muybridge & the energy certificates of the Technocracy party & the absolute value of noise & the year 1957 & regional modernism & the binary communication revolution & Vermeer's “Milk Maid” & Poincaré recurrence theorem & the great Canadian cowboy singer Wilf Carter & Western Culture & the concept of Grace in  Catholic painting & the Tathāgatas of Buddhism & Boris Karloff as Frankenstein reaching for the light.

film: 57 minutes

installation: 20 minute loops for you...  

Specifically regarding the loop:This video loop originated as B.W. 35 mm film shot with a hand cranked antique bell and howell movie camera of mountain landscapes in British Columbia's interior.  That material was transfered to HD video, re-coded with a colour matrix extrapolated from  data derived from an experiment in film emulsion using tinted blood cells as photographic grain.  This experiment then went through an additional morphic process using an imperfect  Arnold's cat map, (a mathematical function, a sort of chaotic map, transforming an image by shearing) to stretch and mix and reconstitute the image, resulting in a highly coloured glaze and visual dynamics in which the original image reappears and disappears through noise.  It is an exercise in aesthetics, time, and pattern recognition.



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