Radicales Libres

Framed in the challenge to extend the programming incorporating other histories of the cinema, other looks, readings and visions beyond the classic canon, Filmoteca Española presents a new fixed section that, under the title of “Radicales libres” ("Free Radicals"), opens the first Saturday of each month a fixed and stable space for avant-garde cinema. Understanding that the work of a cinematheque is also to help rethink the history and present of cinema, "Radicales libres" tries to integrate in a natural way the traditions of the experimental, the avant-garde and the cinema in relation to other artistic fields. The title of the section does not only refer to those highly reactive and unstable chemical elements, able to act spontaneously when coming into contact with other molecules, but it retakes the title of the film Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film (2011) with which the filmmaker Pip Chodorov traced a very personal history of a certain part of the North American avant-garde. Thus, "Free Radicals" opens up as a space for history, but also for the present and the future of these other branches of cinema, a place of knowledge, experimentation, discovery, surprise and, why not, study and vindication.


Santa Isabel, 3
28012   Madrid, Madrid
40° 24' 43.9776" N, 3° 41' 58.3188" W