Péter Lichter

Péter Lichter is a Hungarian experimental filmmaker. He studied film history and film theory at the ELTE University, Budapest. Péter makes found footage abstract films, lyrical documentaries and experimental features since 2002. His films were screened at festivals and venues like: Berlinale Critics' Week; Tribeca Film Festival - New York; Rotterdam IFF; Jihlava IDFF; goEast - Wiesbaden; EXiS - Seoul; CROSSROADS - San Francisco; VideoEX - Zurich; Festival of (In)appropriation - Los Angeles; Antimatter - Victoria, Canada; etc. He is also one of the editors of the Prizma film-periodical, his first book on experimental cinema (A láthatatlan birodalom / The Invisible Impire) was published in 2016, his second and third book were published in 2018. Peter frequently collaborates with composer Ádám Márton Horváth, sound designer Péter Benjámin Lukács and artists, like Loránd Szécsény-Nagy and Bori Máté. His first feature length film (Frozen May) was released in 2017, his second feature The Rub (with Bori Máté) in 2018 and his third (Empty Horses) in 2019.


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Péter Lichter



Albert U. 21.
1119   Budapest
Phone: 302803813
47° 27' 32.7852" N, 19° 2' 19.7952" E