Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Genova

“The only true realist is the visionary” (Federico Fellini).

The Mostra del Cinema di Genova, co-founded by Associazione Culturale 28 Dicembre and ACEC, is devoted to cinema as an art form. We will privilege films with a poetic or visionary value and innovative languages. We will give equal importance to fiction and non fiction works, to features and shorts, and the festival’s Grand Prix, dedicated to Eadweard Muybridge (Grand Prix Pigeon Flying, Plate 755, 2500€) will be assigned to the Best Film regardless of genre, duration and theme.

Ample attention will be given also to films out of competition, both in the form of special screenings and retrospectives, focusing this year on the theme of Memory, meant in both the historical and introspective sense, collective or personal, a Memory of Cinema and a Cinema of Memory. The works selected for the Video Art section of the Festival will be screened at Fotogalleria Incantations, in the heart of old Genoa.

For further information about our aesthetical and ethical point of view, please visit the MANIFESTO page on this web-site.

Information about submissions and the Grand Prix can be found in the RULES and AWARDS pages.



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