Melisa Aller

Melisa Aller was born and lives in Buenos Aires (Argentina). She is an experimental filmmaker and visual artist. She has a degree in Political Science at University of Buenos Aires and she studied filmmaking and video at CIEVYC. She is specialist in Social and Genre topics. In recent years she has been spent working particularly in the super 8 format, filming and editing all on camera without any intervention from the digital. In 2015, she filmed her first feature film “Las Decisiones Formales” about Trans genre condition. This film is edited in camera and chronologically using 22 rolls of film, which spliced together.

On March, 2017, Aller exhibited her most important and recent films at Echo Park Film Center, L.A, California (EE.UU). On Octiber, 2017, her film “Constitución” had an screening curated by Los Angeles Film Forum at “ISMO ISMO ISMO: Urban Harmonies/Dissonant Cities program”. Her shortfilms have been selected and awarded in festivals and exhibitions of the United States, China, Cuba, India, Russia, Puerto Rico, Spain, Poland, England, Germany, Italy Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina. Now, she is filming in super 8 format and editing in camera her second feature film called “Las Instancias del Fuego”.

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Buenos Aires
34° 36' 13.2624" S, 58° 22' 53.6124" W