Laura Focarazzo

Laura Focarazzo lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She works with experimental musicians of the local and international scene. Her works have participated in exhibitions and international film festivals: 13º BAFICI - International Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires- , Festival Fuga Lab in Buenos Aires , Abstracta Cinema -Festival of Rome-, AIVA -International Video Art Festival in Sweden-, FLAVIA - 1º Festival Latin America of Video Art-, Lab Gallery in Sweden, Incubarte -International Independent Art Festival in Spain, Screens 2012, Valencia, Spain, Poetry Film Festival 2013 - London, UK, Fonlad 2013 -Coimbra, Portugal, Moozak Festival 2013 -Vienna, Austria, Instants Video 2013 - Marseilles, France, Espacio Enter Canarias 2013 - Festival Internacional de la Creatividad, Innovación y Cultura Digital-, The International Film Poetry Festival, Athens, Greece 2013, Gallery Arte x Arte 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina a solo exhibition, TIME is Love Screening", 7th edition - 2014 UK, France, Germany, USA, South Korea, Slovenia -, Punto y Raya Festival 2014 - Reykjavík Visual Music Festival- Iceland, and her video work has been selected to participate the Gesamt project, concept by Lars Von Trier for the collective film: Disaster 521, What happened to man? in Copenhagen Art Festival 2012– Denmark.

About her short films, she says: "I would like to get the audience involved in a similar way that they would towards a poem, to feel some kind of inner experience which stirs them up somehow."

She is currently developing the audiovisual project The Alchemists where as a curator and a videoartist has invited to participate experimental musicians to perform a collective installation based on her own field recordings.

She is member of the international audio/visual group: Exquisite, What?.


United States
34° 42' 48.2256" S, 58° 22' 52.8528" W