Jornadas de Reapropiación

Whether you know it as collage, compilation, found footage, detournement or recycled cinema, the use of previously created materials in new artistic works  it is not a new film from because since the early days cinema has include previously generated images in a juxtaposition of elements that have produced new meanings and ideas that were not necessarily the intent of the original creators.

This act of re-appropriation may produce revelation that will take viewers to reconsider the relationship between the past and the present, the here and beyond, intention and subversion. Fortunately for the purposes of this special curatorship, the last decade has seen the emergence of a wealth of new sources of audiovisual materials that can be reappropriated in new works.

In addition to official, state and commercial archives, local arcvhies, collections of home movies, digital files online and more have provided fascinating materials that can be reused, so that you will grant new resonances and meanings. Festivals of this type has already performed everywhere the world as one of the most recognized festival of ( in) appropriation of Los Angeles, California.

The Journeys of Reappropiation since 2012 have been a showcase for contemporary short films (20 minutes or less) whose main premise is to reuse film or video sequences in a inventive way.

Arise as a space for the dissemination of established works among the Mexican public as well as for new filmmakers decided to explore these alternatives.



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