First Hermetic International Film Festival

Welcome to the First Hermetic International Film Festival!

The FHIFF wants to serve the interests of all those independent productions, both fiction films and documentaries, feature and short lengths, that have somehow, in the form or in the content, to do with esotericism and the hermetic "sciences": from the believer standpoint or rather a critique viewpoint towards the hermetic, occult, esoteric stances, surmises and convictions. Yet, above all, we aspire after screening the aesthetics and the Zeitgeist of occultures.

We want to celebrate the Visions: cinematography and Hermetica are both terrific imaginatively visionary cultures!
Furthermore, contemporary esotericism is intimately, and increasingly, connected with popular culture and new media: for this reason, we want to support such a visual fascination, the storylines revolving around neglected knowledge and the frantic search for the divine upon hidden paths of spirituality.

Accepted are productions diffusely or pervasively inspired and influenced by occult themes and aesthetics as well as the "proper esoteric" works, that directly and extensively deal with the "realm" of the occult, representing and portraying it.

We would be delighted to see you at the festival!

Contact person: 

Sara Ferro (Festival Director)



Salizada San Stae
30135   Venice
45° 26' 28.0104" N, 12° 19' 48.8712" E