exff - tage des experimentellen films frankfurt

exff is a new annual festival seeking over the course of four days to create a space in which to explore the different materialities that all contribute to the specificity of cinema as an independent art form. Films of this kind have a difficult time in regular cinema operations. They often “fall between stools” in a film landscape that focuses on feature films and documentaries as well as in the art world and there are few opportunities to experience them as part of an expanded, lively cinema culture. At our festival we would like to show the diversity, historicity and, above all, presentness of experimental film in a concentrated form and make it accessible to the public. Our program will include various analog formats, from Super 8 to 16mm and 35mm, as well as digital productions and digital copies of restored films.



Mertonstr. 26–28
60325   Frankfurt am Main
50° 7' 6.672" N, 8° 39' 5.3568" E