Bernard Roddy

Recent Writing

“Beyond the White Cube: Wang Bing and the Cinema,” forthcoming, Afterimage online, 2018.

“Nude Animal: Vanessa Renwick and the Wild,” Afterimage 44.3, Nov./Dec., 2016

"Draw a line. Erase the line: ieke Trinks in Question," Afterimage 42.3, Nov./Dec. 2014

“Logos Speaks: Experiments in Cinema v8.53,” Afterimage 41.2, Sept/Oct 2013 

“The Translator’s Echo: Listening to Birgit Hein’s Baby, I will make you sweat,” Afterimage 40.3, Nov/Dec 2012

“Witness and Archive in Ravett and Salloum: Prolegomenon to any future documentary,” Afterimage 39.4, Jan/Feb 2012



Chicago, Illinois
United States
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