Antonios Papantoniou

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Nightlab (2005)     _     Vessel (2007)     _     Roughers (2011)     _     Eidolon (2017)

Antonios Papantoniou has directed and edited 3 Experimental Short Films. They have been screened at Tromadance Film Festival, Sydney Underground Film Festival and Hamburg International Short Film Festival among others. His main approach so far has been the use of a narrative storyline mixed with an experimental attitude. Dynamic and dreamy like, non-dialogue images are created which are highly depended on sound, thus providing and conveying meanings and ideas open to interpretations.

His latest work Eidolon, also a combination of Narrative and Experimental Cinema, is in post-production and is scheduled to be finished in late 2017.



37° 59' 1.716" N, 23° 43' 39.1404" E