ANALOGICA, the festival for analog technology, is conceived and organized by Resistenza Analogica as a natural follow-up and evolution of the many screenings made during the past years.

The festival usually takes place during a weekend in September and showcases a selection of:
cinema: super8 and 16mm films
photography: analog shots and camera obscura works
music: vinyl and magnetic tape DJs, live music using analog electronic instruments

ANALOGICA is an opportunity to learn about analog technologies of all kinds: film, photography or sound. Discover new (and old) ways to reuse and experiment with these uncontrollable materials that resist the standardized digital world.

ANALOGICA also aims at being a point of reference and meeting place for the world of creative analog technology. The festival is a meeting point for enthusiasts, experimenters and researchers dealing with slow and low-fi technologies.


Ora / Auer
46° 20' 53.448" N, 11° 17' 56.526" E