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Early Monthly Segments

Early Monthly Segments is a monthly film series named after an early film by Robert Beavers, and is inspired by the immediacy, vibrancy a


EXcinema is a group of Seattle filmmakers whose works fall between the cracks of traditional cinema, from direct animation on film, to ex

Experimental Response Cinema

Experimental Response Cinema is an Austin-based collective of artists, devoted to bringing moving-image art to screens throughout our cit

Experiments in Film

This series focuses on vibrant cinema and pushes at the mainstream boundaries of what we think film is, and what it could be.

Exploded View

Established in 2013 in downtown Tucson, Arizona, Exploded View is a storefront microcinema and arts space supporting the exhibition and p

Exploding Cinema

Exploding Cinema is an open access  collective who regularly screens underground film in squats, pubs, clubs, cafes and