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Cine Fantom

Îôèöèàëüíûé ñàéò êëóáà ÑÈÍÅ ÔÀÍÒÎÌ (CINE FANTOM)

CineHambre by Hambre | espacio cine experimental

Series of lives and film streamings by Hambre | espacio cine experimental devoted to Latin American and World experimental cinema.


«I propose to extricate cinema from this circular maze by superrimposing on it a second labyrinth (containing an exit)–by positing someth

Cinema Anèmic

Cinema Anémic is a series of film screenings featuring personal, singular and unique cinematic current proposals by filmmakers w


Sala independiente y autogestionada de Cine Experimental en Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cinema Parenthèse

Cinema Parenthèse is a platform in Brussels, Belgium that invites alternative filmmakers and screens films in their original format.

Cinema Project

An ongoing experimental exhibition series in Portland, Oregon.

Contact: Pairs

Contact: Pairs is a new series of film programmes featuring two artists who have shared or contrasting approaches to their mediums.


CRANC is a series of experimental film and video screenings that take place at L'Automàtica printing press.

Cyprus Contemporary Film Centre

The Cyprus Contemporary Film Centre, established in 2017, is a film platform which operates in Lefkosia with