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Waters-Freyer, Sasha
Weaver, Deke
Weberg, Anders
Weinbren, Grahame

Grahame Weinbren, recognized as a pioneer of interactive cinema, has made films and installations for over 30 years.His high definition short films "Letters" were exhibited in the 2008 Berlin Film Festival and the 2010 Zero1 San Jose Biennial.

Wellenstein, Denise
Wet Gate
White, Lili
Whitehead, Oliver
Widmann, Philip

Philip Widmann graduated in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Hamburg and in Visual Communications from the University of Fine

Wiedemann, Sebastian

Sebastian Wiedemann is a Colombian filmmaker-researcher and philosopher, or

Williams, Lloyd
Wilson, Michael
Wilson, Roger D.

Roger D. Wilson is an independent filmmaker based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Woodman, Charles
Woods, Mark Kenneth
Wrbican, Sue