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Taffet, Jill

I employ digital animation and new media to create immersive video installations and optical experiences that explore time, motion and co

Takashi, Makino
Taleb, Aziz
Talukdar, Shashwati
Tamaki, Shinkan

My theme is to instigate changes in perception by coming and going across the border of images while extracting film's materiality.

The works have been screened at many film festivals, including International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Tammer, Peter
Tape-Beatles, The
Tarr, Simon
Tarrant, Patrick

Patrick Tarrant is a filmmaker and lecturer in Digital Film and Video at London South Bank University

Taylor, Dharma

Blue Resonant - Parallel Prose UK 2014 2x 2'24"  is an experimental rendition about

Thomadaki, Katarina
Thornley, Kreg
Thornton, Alejandro

Alejandro Thornton (Buenos Aires, 1970) es Licenciado en Artes Visuales, docente e investigador del Departamento de Arte

Thorstenson, Skye
Tierney, Moira
Toman, Mary Ann
Trunk, Mary

Mary Trunk started as a painter, became a dancer and choreographer and has been making films for more than 20 years.

Tscherkassky, Peter
Tucker, Chantelle