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Lynn, Chris
Luz y Fuerza: Cine Expandido

Media art and Expanded Cinema colective, based in Mexico City. 

Luxem, Antonia

A filmmaker with a focus on social and environmental issues.

Losier, Marie
Losana, Azucena

Born and raised in Mexico City, 1977. I Live and work in Buenos Aires.

Lord, Chip
Loo, Lynn
Livingston, Jason
Lipton, Lisa

Writer/Director/Producer/Artist/Musician from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Liotta, Jeanne
Lind, Karl
Lidell, Erik
Lichter, Péter

Péter Lichter is a Hungarian experimental filmmaker. He studied film history and film theory at the ELTE University, Budapest.

Lheureux, Christelle
Lewis, Ryan
Lewin, Anya
Levine, Saul
Lertxundi, Laida
Lerman, Rcihard
Lemaître, Maurice
Lehmann, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Lehmann was born in Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany in 1967.

Leggett, Mike

I have been working across the institutions of art, education, cinema, media arts and television since the early-70s and have film and video artwork in archives and collections in Europe, Australia, North and South America.

Lee, Hang Jun
Lee, Bo
Le Cain, Maximilian
Lattanzi, Barbara
Larcher, David
Lake, Ellen
Lailtala, Kerry
La Gamba, Laurent