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Kano, Shiho
Kardinal, M.

In the video works, the impression of what is insinuated and the sense of the relict in the incompleteness of earlier video technology in the painterly attitude is consistently continued.

Kashmere, Brett
Katz, Leandro
Kaul, Shambhavi

Shambhavi Kaul (1973, India) is a filmmaker and editor. In her work she expresses questions of space, memory and geography. Her award-winning films are screened worldwide at prestigious film festivals. Kaul lives in India and the United States...

Keen, Jeff
Kerr, Rcihard
Kheirabadi, Atefeh

Atefeh Kheirabadi is an Iranian/ German experimental filmmaker.

Kienitz Wilkins, James N.
Kim, Susan
Kirchheim, Jakob
Kis, Janos

Janos Kis is an avantgarde filmmaker, photographer.

Kless, Larry
Klonaris, Maria
Kolcze, Eva

Eva Kolcze is a Toronto-based artist who uses celluloid to create works that explore memory, architecture, nature and the body.

Kraning, Laura

Laura Kraning’s experimental documentaries are portraits of secret worlds hidden beneath the surface of the everyday that traverse the border between the objective and the subjective, the real and the imaginary.

Krumins, Daina