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Guillen, Mikel

Avant-garde artist and filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada.

Griffiths, Dave
Grenier, Vincent
Grabill, Vin

I began painting 45 years ago, and I switched primarily to working in video about 35 years ago.

Goossens, Michel

Michel Goossens is an award winning filmmaker.

Godovannaya, Masha

Web Site of Masha Godovannaya, experimental filmmaker and curator

Gioli, Paolo
Geyer, Anna
Gerstein, Ariana

Ariana Gerstein works in experimental and experimental documentary forms.

Gerson, Barry
Gazzo, Monica
Gatten, David

David Gatten – filmmaker, Henry James fan, recent Guggenheim fellow, and aspiring audio book producer – makes bookish films about letters

Galush, John
Gallagher, Chris
Gabel, Paul