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Baillie, Bruce
Balboa, Rafael

Mexican Visual Artist, Cinematographer & Experimental Filmmaker. He lives and Works in Mexico City.

Baldry, Kerry

video art, experimental film, art, sculpture, kerry baldry, painting,

Barber, George

Official website of George Barber, contemporary video artist based in London.

Barber, Stephanie
Barker, Hayley
Barker, Phillip
Barroso, Andros
Bartels, Malte F.

Malte F. Bartels is an independent experimental filmmaker situated in Göttingen, Germany.

Beauvais, Elise
Beauvais, Yann
Becker, Tommy
Beekman, René
Behrens, Jon
Beloff, Zoe
Berliner, Alan
Betancourt, Michael

Michael Betancourt is a research artist/theorist whose movies and static is visually seductive, and conscious of its dig

Bianco, Ruth
Biermann, Gregg
Biller, Anna
Bizri, Hisham, M.
Bjorgeengen, Kjell
Black, Carolyn
Blank, Les

Films and videos by Les Blank and others about Blues, Jazz, Zydeco, Tex-Mex, Latin Jazz, Polka, Serbian, Appalachian, Cajun, and Hawaiian

Bohn, Arman
Bonaventura, Sara

Sara Bonaventura is atelierista and visual artist,

Bouchard, Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie Bouchard graduated in Film Production from Concordia University, Montréal in 1995 and earned an M.A.

Bowman, Brice
Brace, Brad

an ongoing online retrospective of fine art fromBrad Brace

Brackett, Tammy Renee
Bradstock, Arran Tenzin

Arran Tenzin Bradstock is an Irish filmmaker and musician

Brand, Bill
Brose, Lawrence
Broussard, Rene
Brown, Carl E.
Brynntrup, Michael