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Galush, John
Gatten, David

David Gatten – filmmaker, Henry James fan, recent Guggenheim fellow, and aspiring audio book producer – makes bookish films about letters

Gazzo, Monica
Gerson, Barry
Gerstein, Ariana

Ariana Gerstein works in experimental and experimental documentary forms.

Geyer, Anna
Gioli, Paolo
Godovannaya, Masha

Web Site of Masha Godovannaya, experimental filmmaker and curator

Goossens, Michel

Michel Goossens is an award winning filmmaker.

Grabill, Vin

I began painting 45 years ago, and I switched primarily to working in video about 35 years ago.

Grenier, Vincent
Griffiths, Dave
Guillen, Mikel

Avant-garde artist and filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada.

Hall, David
Hallberg, Niclas
Halm, Patrick
Hammer, Barbara
Hanisch, Annette
Hanoun, Marcel
Harmon, Raymond Salvatore
Harris, Kyle
Hart, Emma
Hastings, Phil
Hattler, Matt
Hayashi, Shunsaku

Born 1992 in Osaka, Japan and works in London as a trainee under the Japan Cultural Ministry Abroad Research Fellowship for up-and-coming

Helme, Matt
Herman, Todd

Todd Herman is a visual artist, filmmaker, photographer, curator and facilitator.

Higgins, Janene
Hills, Henry

New York experimental filmmaker HENRY HILLS makes intensely rhythmic, densely edited short films which seem different every viewing.

Hindle, Will
Hinton, Brook
Hockenhull, Oliver

Oliver Hockenhull works in film, video, hyper media installations, writing, and design.

Hockenhull, Oliver
Hoffman, Philip

Filmmaker Teacher..founder/artistic director of Film Farm

Holmstrom, Gun