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Edgar, Robert

Robert Edgar creates and employs software engines to examine mediated artifacts forged at his zone of proximal development.

Edmonds, James

James Edmonds is an artist filmmaker from the UK living in Berlin and London.

Eisenlohr, Klaus W.
Elder, R. Bruce
Elroy, Atomic
Estrela, Alexandre
Eubanks, Lee

Lee Eubanks is a director/writer of several award-winning avant-garde and experimental films.

Everson, Kevin Jerome
Fabio Scacchioli

Italian filmmaker. His work is focused on relationship between thought, perception and memory.

Faction of the fox

Experimental videos. All words written like [THIS] are links to the experimental videos.

Fadiman, Dorothy

They primarly worked on small format film, relizing rarely screened works on super 8mm.

Feinsod, Mark L.
Felberbaum, Alicia
Felker, Lori
Ferri, Luca

Website of the experimental film-maker Luca Ferri

Ferro, Sara

Filmmaker | Video artist

Filmgruppe Chaos
Filzen, Sean
Finkelstein, David
Fleuret, Thibaut

This work is about Bosnia, place of the last european genocide where thousands of muslim people were killed.

Floretta, Edna
Focarazzo, Laura

Laura Focarazzo lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Forster, Catherine

Fotopolous, James
Fouchard, Olivier
Fowler, Claire
Fox, Robert
Frampton, Hollis
Franklin, Jody
Free Music For Film

In an effort to gain exposure...We are offering free music to (no royalties FREE) anyone interested...We describe the music as Alter

Frolov, Dmitri

Dmitri Frolov was born in Leningrad in 1966. He graduated from The Institute of Film & Television in 1990.

Fulbeck, Kip
Gabel, Paul
Gallagher, Chris