Desbordamiento de Val del Omar

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Granada 1968/1974 (José Val del Omar, 1968 & 1974)Next May 13th at the Centro José Guerrero in Granada, Spain, begins the long-awaited exhibition "Desbordamiento de Val del Omar". Curated by Eugeni Bonet, the event will include several sections featuring the life and works of spanish filmmaker José Val del Omar, from the Misiones Pedagógicas epoque, his Tríptico Elemental de España film trilogy, his investigations and cinematographic inventions, poems, essays... The exhibition will display many documents, photographies, films and experiments never previously shown to the public. An eponymous catalogue will be published, with many texts written for the occasion by Thomas Beard, Eugeni Bonet, Nicole Brenez, Víctor Erice, Carlos Muguiro and Manuel Palacio among others. José Val del Omar: Escritos de técnica, poética y mística, will be an independent volume compiling a wide selection of text by Val del Omar, edited and annotated by Javier Ortiz-Echagüe, and includeing an essay by Santos Zunzunegui.

The exhibition will be at Granada until the 4th of July. In September it will travel to Madrid's MNCARS, with an expanded content, where it'll be in display until Febreuary 2011. Coinciding with the start of the exhibition at the Reina Sofia Museum, spanish label Cameo will release a DVD pack with Val del Omar's film work, including many extras and unseen footage, Eugeni Bonet's feature film Tira tu reloj al agua, made using unfinished films and notes left by Val del Omar, and an audiovisual thesis by Javier Viver.