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Cinema Anèmic #01: David Domingo

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Presents ... "A terrible day that ended fatally"

Projecting a splendid selection of films made by this film maker specialized in shooting on analog film in super 8 and 16mm. Psychedelic representations of everyday scenes, animations figurative elements reminiscent Pop and evocative portraits of queer influence are some of the constants of a particular brilliantly attractive world.

Programe curated by David Domingo:
"After three months living in Barcelona, Stanley Sunday has prepared a new projection with which expects a terrible day that ended fatal finally lift a little and middle ends well."
- La mansión acelerada (1997, Super 8, White and black, magnetic sound)
It's been 18 years since I shot this film and it is like the first day.
- Sound Of The Sun (2011, 16mm, synchronized sound)
Movie summer recommended for cold winter. With music by Afrika Pseudobruitismus.
- Peces de colores (2003, 16mm, optical sound)
The film I like least gives me shivers when I see it. But you have to project it from time to time to give itsome fresh air.
- Él espera que ella muera (1994, Super 8, Magnetic Sound.)
I haven't screened this film for 13 years. Surprisingly it has a plot, about a guy who goes out for water just when his girl dies, so she resurrects and dies again before him.
- Surprise film (Super 8, 1996, Super 8, Color, Magnetic Sound, No comment)
- Disney Attractions Highlights No. 1 (2009, Super 8, Color, synchronized sound)


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