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Gus van Sant

do you want to knowa about polish experimental filmmakers nowadays or maybe about our classic directors? nowadays we don't have any interesting filmmakers (maybe one you can finf on the net - his name is micha? brzezi?ski). but in the past we had some well-known characters like Jan Lenica or Waldemar Borowczyk. One of the films made by Lenica has been chosen for being 3rd the greatest experimental short film ever!
But i think that it is so large topic so i canno't tell about everything. but maybe you would be interested in my proposition - don't you wanna make a new magazine about experimental cinema? i'm making such one in poland and i would be grateful if you would like to write for my "alter ego" (it is it's name) an article about experimental film scene in your country.
i would thank you for that by writing about polish film scene for you :)
how do you think?

but back to the main topic
paranoid park is very good in my opinion. have you seen "to die for" with nicole kidman? i would be grateful about knowing some more about this film.

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