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CVM's Call for New Visual Music Work

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For twenty years Center for Visual Music (CVM), a nonprofit film archive, has been dedicated to visual music, experimental animation and abstract media. CVM has preserved a significant body of at-risk Visual Music films by Oskar Fischinger, Jordan Belson, Mary Ellen Bute, Charles Dockum, Jules Engel, James Whitney and others.

As part of our anniversary celebrations, CVM is looking for submissions of a new short visual music work. A short film, a new work not released elsewhere. The new film should be original; we are not looking for work that reuses or incorporates footage, shots or images from existing Visual Music films, or is a direct imitation. The chosen film will be shown for a month on CVM's website and social media, and at a later date, shown in some theatres as part of CVM's traveling programs (digital exhibition).

This call is made to give attention to the Visual Music work celebrated by Center for Visual Music in relation to image and movement, abstraction and music, not only from historical creators like Oskar Fischinger, but also continuing with contemporary artists.  

The new film should be original. Length should be 8 minutes or under. We are seeking abstract visual music work (please do not submit documentaries, for instance). Please note, we are unable to showcase the film on social media, Vimeo or YouTube if the music is not cleared.

A jury will choose works to be included in this celebration. We are looking forward to seeing your new Visual Music work!


  Jean-Michel Bouhours, curator/film historian, former Head of Cinema Department at Center Pompidou, Paris

  yann beauvais, curator/film historian/artist, Founder of Light Cone distribution, Paris

  Cindy Keefer, curator/archivist, Director of Center for Visual Music, Los Angeles


If you would like to submit, please submit a link ONLY to a password protected site to view online, to CVM at CVMnewwork (at)  Please do not email any files or attachments. ONE submission per filmmaker, please. Deadline is September 30, 2024 to send the link.   

For the final chosen work, we will need in the future a ProRes, mpg4 or h.264 file (not DCP). DO NOT SEND THESE YET. The chosen work will become part of the CVM collection after the celebration event, upon your agreement. Filmmaker will retain their copyright and assign CVM a license to screen and distribute within their programs, for a specified period.

When you submit, please include in your email:

  • Name, contact info, title of film, length, and year completed.
  • Please confirm it has not yet been released. Please do not submit works already shown, or on your social media channel.
  • What is the soundtrack, by whom, and is the music cleared?
  • Are all of the images original? Is there anything included created by others, or from public domain footage?
  • If you have a description or synopsis, please include in the body of the email.
  • DO NOT ATTACH long CVs or documents. Please put all info in the body of the email.
  • If selected, will you agree to give CVM a license to exhibit and distribute this film?


Monday, September 30, 2024 (All day)

Submission fees: 

Free submissions

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